Milt Stegall... going to be a guest on Doug Brown's Spinzone tonight...

Maybe he'll announce his decision???'s hoping its the right one...i.m sure IF his family says okay....he'll be back... :thup: :rockin:

what is it on like a tv channel radio or a segment on cjob i've honestly never heard of this spinzone thingy

It's a 1 hour show on cjob Tuesdays at 8.

Sounds like he IS coming back...arriving in Winnipeg today sometime. He would have been here yesterday but his flight to Winnipeg from Chicago was cancelled.

I dont think he is comming back, there is a news confernece today at 2:30 and on the bombers website it says there is a major announcement. If he was going to play again there wouldnt be a big conference for him to say that.

hope I am wrong though...

I don't think there would be all this hype if he wasn't coming back. That would be a sad day for Bomber fans everywhere...we'll know in a couple of hours...

but there wasn't a huge news conference when he announced he would play again last year.

I am pretty sure that Milt has brought his family here to announce his retirement. I hope that I am wrong, but usually when players announce they are retiring they have there family with them. I can't see him flying everyone here to announce something that he has done before without such fanfare.

Whatever he decides I am very happy for him.

Got Milt!!!!

Grrr...why don't these press conferences start on time..???



that link on the site didnt work for me, has he said anything yet?

nevermind, they updated the site


....back for one more kick at the Cup in 07....and record...hope you get both deserve it and are what class is all about in the CFL... :thup: :rockin:

gggggggrey cup champs 07

guaranteed look at the past when it was a players last year the always go out with cup that never won it once like passaglia, ray bourque etc.

Was there ever any doubt Kubie.

Haha! I have to be honest...

I watched the webcast of the press conference...Milt got Kubie...LOL

Gonna be at the lake over Christmas Pigseye?