MILT STEGALL woooooooooooowwwwwwwwww

That was amazing. Maybe the most electrifying play / player ever!

Give me this guy the order of canada becauase he is special, and is MADE IN CANADA!

That is the best play of the sporting year so far!

are you joking?.."the most electrifying play/player ever"..????
nice lucky play ,but,yes, a great player he is, the Edmonton player totally missed him...looked like our Shaw back there!
Btw,,if by saying "MADE IN CANADA".you think he is are wrong..he's American

The play was awesome. The defence was pathetic. How could you let a guy get past all of the defenders only 40 yards downfield, when they needed 100. Why were there not 2 defenders tiered 70 yds downfield???? Stegall has always been a pleasure to watch (when he is not beating us).

on the espn coverpage

Hmmm, may have to check out ESPN a bit more often. Nice.

They ran a Cover 4 Deep that wasn’t. UNREAL.

There has to be at least one guy behind the directly-engaged DBs in a prevent like that. It was the perfect seam to hit as Brady took his eyes off Stegall to make the hit and missed him completely. One of the best “miracle” plays I 've ever seen. Kudos to Glenn and Stegall for lighting the Esks up!

Oski Wee Wee,

I guess that kinda sucks though it puts you guys another game behind us.

It was sooo nice to see Brazzell share the spotlight. I really hope he takes a solid pop next week.


Because Kavis Reed wasnt calling a 40 yrd prevent defence in the final seconds of a game with a slim lead??? Oh wait..that didnt work either.

No it didn't, and I would never call a prevent for a lead less than 4 points in a situation like that -- where yardage for a possible late FG attempt is at issue. However, for a bigger lead, as the Esks had, to run a prevent with no free DBs behind the engaged defenders is inexcusable. They faked an eight-man pass rush, not blitzing with no safety back!!

I would have actually sent a blitzing LB or DB at least...what a classic implosion!

Oski Wee Wee,

I would have went into ultimate prevent mode. 4 Seconds left who cares about field position if they caught something underneath, Probably would have been tackled on the spot and thats the ball game..

I agree re the Esks game. I was refering to calling a 40-yard-off-the-ball prevent when 37 yards were at issue for the eventual winning field goal in the Calgary game.

I would have placed 3 free defenders roughly 60 yards off the ball on the final play of the Eskimo game. I still would have had some form of blitzing of a DB or LB coming behind a stunting d-line to pressure the QB...

Oski Wee Wee,

Oh ok sorry, I also agree that Prevent D is retarded in situations like that first calgary hamilton game, Just imagine a clean sweep over the stamps this season. Oh well...

yes that was a great play indeed