Milt Stegall Tribute

A fellow member over at another site posted this great tribute to Milt Stegall which includes many of his career highlights (as well as when he played with the Bengals)

Enjoy :thup:

....GREAT TRIBUTE.....i hope its not the end for Milt...and he comes back for one more year.....that record is still unfinished business for the Turtle Man :rockin:

I heard Geroy giving Milt credit for making him a better receiver the other day. Milt better then Pitts? tough call.

He'll be back next year. He wants the record soooooooooooo badly.

Good tribute. I learned something new. I didn't know Milt played for the Bengals.

that was a great tribute. got some goosebumps after that one. seeing some old highlights froim games that i sat with my pops at canad inns. Stegall deserves that record more then any other reciever or player in the CFL just can't wait to see him get into the hall of fame. And i so recall geroy simon giving kinda words for the help he got from the turtle man. Great words bout a great man.

The turtle man for ever.

here to retiring that number after he retires hopefully after another season or 2.

Nice video reviews of the Milt. Thanks Migs.

Excellent tribute.
Apparently Milt isn't really much of a receiver (hands) because he never had to make very many tough catches---not when you are always wide open!!

Noboby catches Turtle man from behind!