Milt Stegall to RETIRE?????

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Milt Stegall is playing like he's in his prime.

In real life, however, the Winnipeg Blue Bomber sensational slotback admits he is likely in the twilight of his career and perhaps even his final season.

Thanks to his best game in a Bomber uniform on Monday afternoon -- four catches for a career-high 234 yards and four touchdowns in a 44-23 whipping of the B.C. Lions -- Stegall is riding the hottest stretch of his storied 11-year career.

He has 15 touchdowns in his last 11 games, which is a tempo he didn't even achieve in 2002 when he scored a CFL-record 23 majors in 18 games and was named the league's most outstanding player.

Stegall is on pace to haul in 57 receptions for 1,353 yards and 19 touchdowns, which would be the fourth-best seasonal total in league history.

Never looked better

Simply put, the 35-year-old has never looked better, and it looks like he could keep playing for many years to come.

"I know, man, but my wife (Darlene) and son (Chase) are in Atlanta," Stegall said. "It's hard enough being away from them. That's the thing. That's the determining factor. Nothing else.

"No matter if somebody told me I'm going to have 2,000 yards and 25 touchdowns for the next three or four years and we're going to win three Grey Cups, the determining factor right there is my family."

Stegall is signed through next season, which is when Winnipeg will host the Grey Cup. The organization is trying to do all it can to ensure the Bombers play in the big game.

The only thing Stegall wants is a ring, but the Bombers won't be winning one this season with a 5-10 record. It's hard to believe he would walk away from it all at the end of such a disappointing season.

In addition, he needs only 10 touchdowns to become the CFL's all-time leader, and he and quarterback Kevin Glenn are developing quite the rapport.

"Once we truly get there, the sky's the limit," Stegall said of his working relationship with Glenn. "We're doing some good things now.

"... Hopefully we can get Kevin signed to a long-term deal, because in this league you could have 23 of the best other players in the world. If you don't have a good starting quarterback, you're not going to win in this league."

Stegall obviously loves his family very much, but for one brief moment yesterday he imagined what he would do if he were a bachelor.

"If it was up to me, I'd be living right next to one of you guys, living in Winnipeg, playing on the Winnipeg hockey team in the winter and working on my tan," he said.

"But I definitely have to have my priorities in order, and my family comes way before football, so we'll see what happens next year."


Milt Stegall retiring would NOT be good for the CFL, because all professional sports need classy guys like Milt Stegall. He does have his priorities in the proper order however, but you just hope that he reconsiders and comes back to the Blue Bombers next season. He sort of reminds me of Jerry Rice, who just retired this season as the all-time leader in reception in the NFL with 1539 and touchdowns with 203 (I think). Jerry is a perfectionist, and worked almost harder in practice than he had to in games. Milt Stegall seems to be cut from that same cloth, and his leaving the CFL would leave a void that would be tough for the Blue Bombers to recover from. I wish Milt Stegall all the best in whatever he decides to do, but I really hope to see him back new year in the uniform of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.


  1. He’s 10 TD shy of the CFL record.
  2. He has one year left to his contract.
  3. The Grey Cup will be hosted in Winnipeg in 2006.
  4. Although the Bombers are having a disappointing season, they recently looked better, almost capable of giving him one last shot next season at the ring he never had in his career.
  5. At 35, he’s not fresh as a rose, but he’s not that old either.

So many reasons to believe he will give it one last season before heading back to Atlanta definately. Wouldn’t his son love to see his dad become the greatest playmaker of CFL history? You bet he would. Barring a major injury, there is no reason Stegall should not be back next year.

Hey guys I watced th bombers for years now. And as long has I can remeber I have heard the name Milt Stegall. And well the man has done well his entire career. But all goods things come to an end. It'll be a sad day in Bomber land when he leaves, but we have other great recievers like chris razzel and jamie stoddard. So een if Milt does leave we got a great recieng core.

He should come back for one more year....Heck he might get to play against Tiller twice next year and improve his numbers.

He is from Atlanta??? Geez, you think the local media would talk abou his 4 TDs!!!!

Does anyone in Atlanta even know Canada has a football league??

Besides his family, friends and you, i doubt it.

Sounds to me like a pressure tactic by Stegall to get Glenn signed. I
have no doubt he'll be back.

My family and friends do now. :lol:

And why wouldn't they? Can the Bombers play picky with their only capable QB?

Mmmm...4 TD's on 4 catches. He's looking pretty washed up. He'll be back.

Trade him to the Alouettes so we can see him win a GC before he retires. :frowning:



All things considered, yeah, I'd have to agree that him on an Als team would be the best chance to win a Grey Cup. Calvillo is the most dependable of all the big QB's. Dickenson gets hurt a lot, Ray's got an improved line now, but still gets beat up too.... Montreal is his best shot at getting the Grey Cup.

Unless he wanted to be the star receiver for the Riders....... :slight_smile: You know, once we got a QB that is.

He can join the Argos anytime.
This guy is a class act.I mean stegall,not Kanga!!!

if I joined the Argos, they would never win the GC cause the QB would get sacked every time! :lol:

Needless to say, I wasn't very good player in middle school, and was the Water Boy for many games! :lol:

Don't forget you were a cheer leader too Kanga!!!!

Yes I was! kinda!

So was Billy.
Billy in those cute tights!!!!
I could just see it now.
Give me a B
Give me a I
Give me a L
Give me a L
Give me a Y.
What you got.
Thats right you got a IDIOT!!!!!LOL
Just kidding Billy,don't get your panties in a knot!!!
Love you lots!!!

I was the mascot! lol!