Milt Stegall to call it a day... per tsn......Milt Stegall will announce his retirement shortly.....So long Milt its been one helluva ride....Good Luck to him in the future :thup:

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I hope he enjoys retirement. He deserves it! :thup:

We should start a petition: Out with Climie in with Milt...He'd be a real good broadcast guy and TSN needs some new bloood badly

I think Milt has another year in him, I think so unless that knee of his says no. He is another Mr. CFL all the way!

Its a shame that Milt has to hang 'em up.... the 100 yd TD catch will forever be etched in my mind.. that is one of the plays of the century. Milt is one the players I had the most respect and admiration for, he backed up his talk on the field and was always an accessible player to the fans. Milt is class all the way, and he will be missed. Thanks for all the memories, Milt!

Milt Stegall touchdown beagle....such a shame his great career looks to have ended without a Grey Cup.

I'm sure if you change your mind and want to win a Grey Cup next season, Wally will be glad to have you!

In anycase, that guy was pure class and the Bombers have been lucky to have such a loyal friend play for them. tsn can stop sticking a mic in that fools face.

i agree. Climie puts me to sleep.

.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ...please, you're making my ribs hurt..... :lol: :lol: :lol: ....

Wow its been so long time since there was a day in Bomberville that you knew #85 wasn't going to be terrorizing defences. Sad to see him go... I just can't imagine what it'd be like sitting at the stadium knowing he's not going to be around anymore

we all know he can still play a few more years but it just doesn't look too promising for a GC with all the moves Kelly's been making and I'm assuming that was part of his thinking process because everyone knows he's too loyal to WPG to dawn another Uniform in the CFL.

Well Bombers fans your losing a great but the riders arent gonna resign DJ Flick…pick him up he’s still got a lot left in him and he’d be a good complement to Derek Armstrong. I’d still love to have him in riderville but Dressler, Fantuz and Clermont are a pretty strong SB corps already.

I’ll miss his qoutes and his attempted trash talk about rider fans…thanks for the memories milt, and sorry for stealing your grey cup from ya in 2007 :smiley:

Congratulations on a great career Milt!

He would be a good fit for the Bombers, but they have a similiar problem as we do right now... who will be throwing the ball to him?

Dinwittie (sp?) showed alot of promise last year...espescially against the stamps that one game. Plus you guys have two middle linebackers (simpson and Moreno) and Both the Lions and Eskies need one, and only one of those two are gonna get Maurice Lloyd from us. So trade one of them for either Jackson or Mass and use them to back up and mentor Dinwittie.

They also traded for Lefors.. but it still leaves them in a similiar situation as the Riders. Add to that the Bombers did sign Tyrone Williams from BC.. I wonder how much cap space they have to pay Jackson or Maas...