milt stegall says he is returning for next year!

If armour does not want to sign maybe we can talk him into a signing so he can be dealt to winnipeg for stegall

why. Stegall has one maybe 2 years tops. Armour has 5 or 6. I would keep Armour. He will impact the team over the next decade. Stegall only a couple of seasons.


Stegal in Hamilton?

I'd buy the most expensive season ticket and a Tor. Bills ticket package just to see the look on Stegall's face during his first Q+A with Kenny.

I was really hoping he'd retire :wink:

I would NEVER trade Armour for Stegall for the reasons mentioned above. Stegall is great, but his time is coming to an end. We need the leadership and talent on our defense that Armour brings.

Stegall's a classy guy and if the Cats don't win the Grey Cup next year than I hope he does with someone else.

Great how many times this year are they going to stop games to throw him a little parade.

Remember I said only if he doesnt want to sign here!a championship is better then none for 15 years!If you were saying you want us to win back to back, I wonder when was the last time we did that? Good question eh! Greed kills and a team with stegall never is boring!

Stegall is CFL Legend But his time is close to an End.
He should have Retired
I guess getting so close to a Grey cup would Bring you back.

I think there beter Younger Pass Catchers out there.
Obie has too find them and sign them.

The Peg has re-signed him for another year.