Milt Stegall returning

Will Milt Stegall return to the CFL?

P.S. I you choose the last one you need to give your head a shake!!

You left out the box for, WHO CARES.

…Milt is .01 percent sure he’ll be back…and you can be sure people in the Peg care…I guess that last minute td. still smarts, hey cfleskfan…lol :lol:

I think that cfleskfan's point was its kinda dumb to put an option in a poll and then tell people that they are silly to select it.

No, I can't remember that far back.

Wait a minute, I can remember the last time we won the cup, wonder if Milt can remember. Oh yeah, I guess not. :lol:

Milts had a good run, it's time to quit though before he gets hurt.

.......point out the errors in the poll need for the sarcastic 'who cares' comment.. :roll:

.....your memeory must be failing ya....seems that play is remembered by quite a few

...and if Milt decides to call it a day it won't be because he's worried about getting hurt...he's probably in better shape than most of the Esks... :wink:

I dont see it as scarcasm.
Some do not care if he returns or not

I'd like to see him return. He still has what it takes to have another good season.

He's a star. He's good for the league.

i still think stegall is at the level to perfrom at this level. but no one knows what the offseason could do to him. i think he should retire on top making plays in the gc and known for breaking the td record. no point coming back not able to perofrm and killing his legecy like troy westwood has done.

Winnipeg doesn't need the distraction. Milt should go off into the sunset. He has become a complainer and whiner and then mr silent....after losing the grey cup....i say so long good bye.

The Old man is done..

The oldman is done? He didn't look old this past season when he was burning past DBs all season long or jumping up in the middle of a crowded field to snatch the ball outta the air or when he would take a big hit and jump right back up.

He is not old and weak. He is talented and in shape.

......and i could give a rats a$$ about how many players on your team are returning... or the esks for that matter....guess that makes for good football comment... :lol:

Good, then you see my point, I'm happy for you. Now take it to the Bombers forum.

.......ARE YOU TRYING TO DIRECT ME WHERE I SHOULD about i tell you where you should go...i think you can guess....oh by the way Rays new contract with the sxhmoes......WHO CARES//// :thdn: :lol:

You need to move into the present, dwelling on a single regular season play shows only that you have little positive events to reflect upon.

Once again Milt has just finished one of his best seasons, but also his first season in several years that he has been able to finish. Great players should quit at the top of their game, not watching injured from the sidelines or worse some pathetic shadow of former self hanging onto past accomplishments while the body just doesn't make it.

Those of us who can remember seeing Jackie Parker's final games with the B.C. Lions will know what I mean. He came back when he shouldn't have. It was brave and all that but still a sad end to a glorious career.

Reaching the point of no return is a fine line and Milt's toeing that line. For the sake of his fans, he should leave them wanting more, not wanting the past.

Eskimo's fans care and that is where that one should be as well, in the Eskimo forum.

The only reason I see him coming back, is to get a Grey Cup ring. He could very well be in another teams jersey next year IF he does come back.

...Milt will decide when he's going to hang em up....and i've been around CFL football and watched great ones like Parker ,Normie Kwong and Bright for a lot of yrs.....they knew when it was time to go and Milt will too....IF he has any game left...and i mean quality play...he knows...and i'm sure he would'nt want to be leaving the football 'scene' as a 'drag' on the rest of the club....Milt is too smart for that....funny though cflesksfan how certain plays seem to stick in the memory banks ...i can remember a few runs by 'ol spaghetti legs' that i can recall very vividly//// :wink: