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:-) that was cute....

I agree. This game needs to sellout. This game has taken a backseat to the Riders/Lions game. What's up with that? Itès like there isnt even an Eastern Semi-Final game.

Good one, hopefully the Winterpeg fans respond. Should fire up the Eskimos as well.

I am glad stegall stepped up and said it before the game. last year was sickening. the fans in this city sold out the pre-season game and then couldn;t put up 23,000 for the semi final. i was disgusted by my fellow peggers this year. i truly hope this game is a sell out. canad inns is the loudest stadium in the cfl when they sell out.

'Dem's fightin' words :twisted:

Not even close. The loudest stadium in the CFL when sold out is BC Place, by far. Nothing can compare to 60,000 screaming fans echoing off the dome. Commonwealth would be the next loudest, followed by Taylor Field. Taylor Field might not be as big as some of the other open air stadiums, but the Rider fans are extra loud.

There are actual decibel counts kicking around somewhere I remember seeing, and it was from games this year and Canad Inns was top of the list, could be the way the stadium is laid out too that helps it in the noise department.

Does anyone know the actual sold count as of today's date?

Just over 24,000 sold as of Tuesday afternoon.

Not bad. Another 5,000 to go and 3 days left.

I feel bad for Stegall could be his last season but i doubt it, pretty sad when you don't get the fam support when going into the playoffs and then have to beg your fans to come out, show some class people and support your team, your lucky they are even in the playoffs, go by a ticket support the team and it might even be a good game! plus who knows maybe it will be a replay of last years Grey Cup!

I hope we get the sellout but theres alot of fans that would but have to work cuz you think are game starts at noon finishes 3pm shifts for jobs start 8 am and 3pm so we got the crappy end of the doubleheader playoffs and being a saturday everythings open... the saturday game has its good and bads the good is that the parties for the winning team and more fans will spend money on booze realizing they don't have to work sunday...

Haha, good on Milt. What happened last year was terrible, a playoff game should sell out if the stadium holds under 30k. He says if they sell out the game he's guaranteeing a win and 1 lucky fan gets his jersey and gloves.

ever hear of the benches. when sold out and the fans in the upper decks start pounding the benches. we compete with any stadium. last years play offs proved that. half the fans from bc place and an open field and still attained very close to the same levels as bc place

If you ever attended a game in Winnipeg (or Regina or Edmonton for that matter) there is no comparison with Vancouver....
Vancouver's fans are lame... lame... lame...
In Winnipeg Any big play and the entire stadium stands to watch... If you remain seated you will miss the play....
In Vancouver ...a punt can be returned for a touchdown and no one's fanny leaves their seat.
In Winnipeg you can shout obsenities at the opposing team as loud as you want and noone bats an eye... In Vancouver... people look at you all funny and security will actually give you trouble...
On a fan for fan basis I'd say that Winnipeg fans are two to three times louder then Vancouver fans...
If your from Vancouver....NEVER travel to the praires to watch a game.... Youll realize how pathetic of a time you have at BC Place (even if it sold out it still sucks compared to a praire game)

I would have to disagree with you on that one.

yeah really its getting funny in here now, watch the games Saturday and we will see which Stadium is the loudest, i think we all know which one :slight_smile:

Haha, this line reminds me of the line from the movie GhostBusters: Listen! Do you smell something??

Seriously though, the guy is right. When the fans start banging on those metal benches it gets very loud. Imagine how loud it would be if we had 60000 in a closed stadium.

I wonder if Milt has to tell the fans to be loud too...I mean he already has to essentially bribe fans to even come. Kind of sad that is what it takes to sell out a home playoff game...if it even sells out. I expected more from our fellow prarie teams' fans!!!!