Milt Stegall is all Class!

I’m not really a Bombers fan (I’ll cheer for them 50% of the time) but I really like Milt Stegall and I love his nickname. He has had an awesome career and is a classy guy. Bombers fans are lucky to have him. Thanks to Milt for mentoring Geroy as well!

He is what the CFL is all about.

The fans certainly are enjoying a hayday in Winnipeg. Two or three of the best players in the organizations history on the field tonight.


I like Stegall too. Not only his ability on & off the field, but the loyalty he has shown the Bombers during his career. Not many players can say they've played for the same team their entire career. In fact, the only other one that I know of is Lui.

Lets see, Roger Aldag, Dave Ridgway, Don Narcisse and Ray Elgaard all played for the same team in their respective careers.

..not quite the stats. that Milt has ....but great players as well.....BUT TONIGHT ...c'mon Milt that was theft on that td...heh heh...he's also a pretty good actor... :lol:

Lancaster and Reed to I believe you could add....and what about Kenard....or Lou P. in BC or Dave Cutler.

Ronnie started his career in Ottawa… won a Grey Cup there too. :wink:

I don’t know if it’s something to be proud of - I know every player does it and that it’s not for the player to decide if the play stands or not, and that’s the game and all that. But I just find it a bit, what’s the word?? … discomforting? shady? all the same when a player knows he didn’t make a play but gets a call in his favour. I sense that Milt knew he didn’t catch it. It’s not like it’s serious like criminal law when someone doesn’t get “caught” or “gets away with it” but … anyways, I brace myself now for all who will say I’m nïeve or a woosie or something …

for as much as i don;t like it westwood. een in the peg a long time. and cameron. and for the reply everything is crap but i am happy i got a call my way.

Typical Riders fans. Turn a positive, feel good post about Stegall into an arguement. I don’t give a hill of beans about Narcisse or Elgaard. I’m sitting there watching the game and reflected about how classy Stegall is that’s all. He’s a great interview, he’s loyal, he’s had a hall of fame career and I like the guy.

CFL’ers with humble class (like Pinball) are, in my opinion, the best athletes, role models, and people in professional sports. They don’t get overpaid, they work hard and I love 'em and think its a damn shame more people don’t support the CFL and their blue collar players.

I wasn't arguing with you, all I did was post the names of some players that played their whole careers with one team. Trevor Kennard and Bob Cameron played their entire careers with the Bombers. Its the beauty of the CFL, where an athlete can play in one city for their entire career. Its a given that in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL that players will switch teams often.

I agree, Stegall is class all the way, and all CFL fans will miss watching him play. Maybe the Eskimo fans might not miss him... :lol: :wink:

Well if Milt gets the all-time yardage record, nobody will have his stats.
But those 4 guys are all peers of Milt in as much they held various league records upon retirung, and were the best at their positions during their playing time.

Technically, Dave Ridgeway was an Al at one point, but I don't think he ever actually played for them.

But Uncle Milty is certainly one of the all-time greats and he deserved an oscar last night for that little, signal, "come on I dare you to throw the challenge flag" move....

Typical Lion fans.
Always looking for a fight where there is none....

And pot meet kettle with this post too.
The guy did start a thread to honour a player for a rival team , I'll just give him credit for that and call it a day.
Hwgill , the only one you can think of is Lui ? I can think of a bunch more from our team (even our current team) , and I'm sure every team could give a list of great players who played their entire career for them.

Now, now.
Apparently talking about other players that had great careers and played their entire career for one team, etc., etc., is not allowed if the thread is about Milt...

I do give him credit for the salute to Milt.
One of my favourite all time players and one of the greatest.
That is why naming guys like Narcisse and Elgaard alongside Milt is a great tribute from a Rider fan, not a knock against Milt.
So Sambo's post has no negative connotations to it at all...unless you want to start a fight...

I wasn't referring to Sambo's post here , it's your "typical Lions fan " slur. That to me was bringing something into it. Just clarifying by the way , you want to start a fight go ahead , like I said , I'm calling it a day at that . This thread is about Milt's honour , how about we avoid dragging it into the gutter? You too Mikejth , don't read stuff into something that's not there . And I won't hijack this anymore than it already has been , how bout you guys do the same?

To be fair, penn, Swervin is the one who started with the "typical" crap...

This is the post I was responding to:

In no way was it intended to start an argument. I dont believe that my post was in any way inflammatory, all I did was state the 4 players that I could think of that spent their entire career as Riders. I did not say they were better than Milt, or that hwgill was wrong in any way. Mervin's insinuation that I was starting an argument is totally wrong.

Ive also said in this thread that it was great to see Milt play, and all those who follow the CFL will miss his professionalism and dedication to the Canadian game. He is a sure fire Hall of Famer, and no one deserves it more than he does. If the Riders dont make it to the GC game, I will definitely be cheering on the Bombers if they get that far, it would be a great way for Milt to end his career--with a Grey Cup victory!