Milt Stegall - Good Career but not Great?

We have 15 compared to Winnipeg's 10.

Milt Stegall is a great player who has a great career.

....sorry ...i was just being as accurate as the ...'Winnipeg hasn't won a Cup for 30 years comment by Rusty 25... :lol:

Rusty you must be kidding. If Milt can't be considered great with the numbers he's put up, who can? He was great over a long career. He's still very good.

An Argo-Cat fan

I was just playing the devils advocate. Maybe see if someone felt that personal numbers weren't enough. I think he's a very good player and would have loved to have him on the 'Cats roster. I'd even take him now.

8) You should get your facts straight, before you put your wrong assumptions in print !!!! :roll:

I personally think that Milt Stegall is a great player. However I do not think that his personal stats would have been that high if the Bombers consistently had other top class receivers to spread the ball around to. Give him credit for catching the ball as many times as he had as certainly the opposition would key on him quite a bit.
That being said, Milt is surely Hall of Fame material, not today, but when it is his turn.

Milt was and is a great player who was given the opportunity to be loyal.
With the ti-cats track record for how they handle players particularly free agents who are showing signs of promise he would have been traded or cut loose a long time ago I can't ever remember any past Cats spending 17 seasons with the Cats or even wanting to.
Pretty sad if you ask me.
I've been following the Cats for close to 50 years and when it comes to things like loyalty to veterens it just isn't there and until they "get it" they will be a team that gets lucky every 9 or 10 years and wins it all unlike organizations like the Als or the Eskimos who are contenders year after year

I believe Milt's peak years occurred when the Bombers' receiving corps also included the likes of Geroy Simon and Arland Bruce III. Hard to argue Milt padded his stats by being the only competent receiver on the field.

Maybe this will help settle it although I don't see anyone disagreeing that Milt was one of the best ever:

That's pretty great to me!