Milt Stegall - Good Career but not Great?

Okay... I'm looking for some opinions.

I stand on the fence when it comes to this issue so I'd like to hear what others have to say...

Is Milt Stegall a great player or a good player that had a long career?

He's set CFL records but he's NEVER won the Grey Cup. Sure... winning a Championship is a TEAM accomplishment and not an individual one... but you still have to wonder.

I'm just saying... a league with 8 teams and you play 17 seasons (correct me if I'm wrong... I didn't look up how many he's actually played) and you don't manage to win a single Championship?


Should he be praised for his loyalty to a team even though year after year they failed to provide him with anything help in winning?


Great or Good?

And I thought that I was a hard marker???????????!

[i]All-Time CFL Records
Most TDs in a career - 147
Most TD receptions in a career - 144
Most TDs in one season - 23 (2002)
Most TD receptions in one season - 23 (2002)
Most yards per catch in a season - 26.5 (1997)
Most yards receiving in a CFL career -15,071

Bomber Records
Most yards in one season by a Bombers receiver - 1896 (2002)
Most 1000+ yard receiving seasons by a Bombers receiver - 10

Other Honours
CFL Most Outstanding Player - 2002
Named as receiver in top passing tandem in CFL history together with Khari Jones
Voted one of the CFL's Top 50 players (#15) of the league's modern era by Canadian sports network The Sports Network/TSN. [/i]

And I don't even like the guy.

As Mark demonstrated, there is ample reason to call him a great player, besides his longevity. The only accolade that has escaped him is Grey Cup champion, of course; but that has as much to do with his teams as it does himself.

......A RING DOES NOT A GREAT PLAYER MAKE.....Milt didn't need one to fit into the 'great category' (though it would have been some nice icing on the career) ...Greatness can be attributed to a lot of things....stats. for sure, but also the loyalty he showed one club and what he had ticking inside//Definitely one of the greatest players to ever play in the CFL... :wink: :thup:

I would add that beyond the stats, Milt's greatness could be argued from his ability to perform in clutch situations and the attention he commanded from opposing defenses.

Milt Stegall will be one of the greatest slotbacks that ever played in the CFL. He didn't win the GC, neither did Barry Sanders but he is one of the greated RB's in the NFL.

And if I'm not mistaken, Milt is also very involved in community in Winnipeg. Last time I was in the Peg for a game, I hung out at a tailgate party and people were telling me stories of what he does for kids.

On my All-Time All-CFL team he would be R slotback. To his right would be Hal Patterson as R WR.
And he has received accolades way beyond my humble dreams.
Milt thanks for many great memories, and I wish you'd been a Ticat all your career.

Some very good reasons have to posted as to why he is great.

This should not even be a debatable question. Plain and simple.....Milt Stegall was a GREAT player. If winning a Grey Cup makes you great, does that mean that Earl Winfield was merely a good player who had a long career? :roll:

does that mean that Earl Winfield was merely a good player who had a long career?
Gaaaaackkk.... choke......gasp...... the heart falters..................................

I'm not saying he's not great. I said I was on the fence. His retirement doesn't affect me either way. Stay or go... no difference. He certainly had a lot of skill though! I'd lean towards him being a great CFLer though... just got stuck with the wrong team.

No fence for me on this one. He was a great player, one of the greatest receivers in the history of the CFL in my opinion. The fact that his teams never won a Grey Cup does not influence that at all. He was brilliant on the field, and I always thought he was a good person beyond that. I'm sorry he never got a Grey Cup ring, he surely deserved that.

Sure it would have been amazing to have had him on the Cats. Who wouldn't want that? But all the other teams have or have had their share of great players too. If they didn't, it would be no fun to play against them. For the Bombers, he's up there with Kenny Ploen, Leo Lewis and many others. A certain and deserved Hall of Famer.

Sorry to disappoint you, but Milt CHOSE to remain loyal to the Bombers- something that I guess is hard for Ticat fans to imagine......

And in answer to the initial question, Milt is an outstanding player and person-Grey cup or no Grey cup. Any true CFL fan would be able to see that.

Blasphemy... lol

Agree with this posting. He could have left and chased a cup hoping to end up on a stacked team, maybe even get more money doing it. He was the most exciting player in the league over the time he was here, arguably of course cus theres been many greats. Good enough for me to call him great.

Good, but not great?

Milt Stegall definitely had a great career! One of the best, if not the best CFL receiver ever!

Stegall was a phenomenal player. He would have to ranked among the best the CFL has ever seen.

Oddly enough, he is about to retire now with 3 or 4 more decent seasons in him. He knows his own body and the abuse it has taken over the years and its likely telling him, the time for retirement is now.

Milt will always appear on several CFL All Star teams because he deserves to be there. He should be inducted immediately into the Hall of Fame.

Yeah, I respect his loyalty a lot.

But he still got stuck with the wrong team. It's a shame that he didn't have the chance to be a loyal Ticat! LOL. At least we win Grey Cups every now and then! :slight_smile:

That said... Boo to the Bombers. How do you play in an 8 team league and not win a Championship in like 30 years?!? do you play in an 8 team league and get 5 wins in three years....sorry there...i know low blow....besides... its not 30 years its 18 years.. :lol: I have to answer statements like yours with....LOOK at how many Cups the Bombers have won over the years...i believe we rank third....certainly more than the Cats... :wink: