Milt Stegall demands changes in Winnipeg***

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The vultures are starting to circle over Winnipeg in the wake of the Bombers 41-1 loss in vancouver on Saturday.

Both local daily newspapers speculated that major changes could be on the way, and at least one player has called for the changes to be made.

"We need to make some changes around here," slotback Milt Stegall said to the Winnipeg Free Press. "Where the changes need to be made, that's not my position and I don't have the answer for that. Maybe we need to get rid of me, I don't know. But changes need to be made. The way we played, you've got to make changes. You can't go in with the same arsenal."

"It's not like we can make any protest over whatever they decide to do now (in the way of changes)," defensive lineman Doug Brown told the Free Press. "This is just unacceptable at a professional level.

"We embarrassed ourselves. We embarrassed our fans and we embarrassed the organization. There's nothing really more that needs to be said other than that. I mean, 41-1? I don't know what else to say, it is what it is."

"It's a sad situation," Stegall said. "It's a sad day for the Blue Bomber organization ... If you ask me, we're the worst team in the CFL. I don't care what anybody else wants to say, we're the worst team in the CFL right now and the way we played, we proved it.

Both dailies in Winnipeg speculated that head coach Jim Daley - 10-18 since taking over the team - and general manager Brendan Taman could be in trouble in terms of job security.

"Business is business and coach Daley's done a good job," Joe Fleming told the Winnipeg Sun in defence his coach. "We need to play better as players. We haven't held up our end of the bargain. This city and this organization deserve more than what we're giving them right now."

"That (dismissing Daley) didn't cross my mind," Taman told the Sun. "I'm sure I'll have my own issues."

He elaborated in the Free Press.

"I can't worry about that stuff," Taman said. "If you did worry, you'd be up all night. I'd have been worried since about Week 8 when we were two and whatever...

"What I'm trying to do now is make sure we can get 40 guys on the field. After that, who knows?"

Daley was at a loss to explain the dreadful defeat.

"We have played professionally in almost every game this year," Daley told the Free Press. "But (Saturday) we did not represent ourselves as coaches as players and our city and our province very well. My message to the players was when we step on the field to get ready for next Sunday and Calgary was, one, we have to represent ourselves better. And, two, our community deserves it and we deserve it."

Taman said he was disappointed in the players - at least some of them.

"That was a very, very bad performance," Taman told the Free Press. "We didn't have a lot of guys that played very well. What's frustrating is two weeks ago we played those guys well and beat them. Now we go in there and get one point. One.

"We looked like a team that didn't compete because it was out of the playoffs. A lot of them, not all of them, seemed to be going through the motions."

"It's very embarrassing," running back Charles Roberts told the Sun. "A high school team probably could have done better out there."

i see Stegall agrees with my Power Rankings...i placed winnipeg in #9 after that beating.

They definitely need it. I would start with Daley if I were in charge over there.. but then again if I were in charge over there I'd also send Stegall, Fleming and Walls to Calgary for Ralph the dog.

I believe Daley lives in Calgary …how about if we just send him home and you guys can keep him there…we’ll keep our star players but you can have Daley …and for his new start in the CFL. team him up with Ralph the Dog… :wink:

You guys need to replace Taman. The list of players that have left Winnipeg and his reluctance to replace the talent is the big problem.

Way to go! Stegall, way to stick to the man!!!! Wnnipeg will chage now!!!!

I agree the coach can only do with the players given to him by the GM. Taman out right sucks.

Any GM in Tamans position would be hard pressed to look like a genius…I would rate him very high on ability to get talent, Bruce and Simon in the past and Walls & Canada recently, when you are on a low budget, and that is not Tamans fault, you can only keep what you can afford, if we had an unlimited cash flow. ughm Hughie, Taman would be genius…

Private ownership just might be the answer.
If you look only one community owned team at the moment is doing very well sorry rider fans but true. Either a hard cap which I would bet will not come or private ownership. I still think Taman is the problem MO, he did nothing to upgrade the Bombers in the off season. Matt Dunigan would have done better Nik Lewis Joffery Reynolds and John Grace for a few.

You could be right Red....about private ownership....however I still think it is more important to have the right people.......Taman and Bauer have had more winning seasons than losing seasons.......I think the team this year has more talent then the last two seasons, the problem is Daily and no defensive co......