Milt Stegall confirms his return in new video from Grey Cup

I came across this real funny video that features Kayvon, Canada's answer to Borat, at the 2007 Grey Cup in Toronto.
In it Kayvon covers the 2007 CFL awards with hilarious results. He meets up with several of the CFL's top stars, including Kerry Joseph, Milt Stegall, Cameron Wake and many more.
What I found most interesting about the video was Kayvon's meeting with Milt Stegall, Kayvon asks Milt if he is going to return next year, to which Milt replies "Don't Worry I ain't going no where"

Great News for Bombers fans!!!

[url][/url]= Click link to watch "KayvonTV reports from the 2007 Grey Cup in Toronto"

Can I get the four and a half minutes of my life back...? :lol:

You are joking right! :roll:

Milt was actually talking to his son when he said that...

:lol: Now that's funny!

I think his quote was "Don't worry I ain't going nowhere Chase" or something very similar to that.

Just a cheezy excuse to plug a website.

That poster has 3 posts!
All of them links to that website

Kayvon, is that you? Come clean, man!

Yeah it sounded like a side comment, But i would love it to be a real comment.

He may come back to get Bad Taste of losing a Grey cup. Other then that he'll hang it up

Well That poster has 3 posts! All of them links to that website
Not only links.... but claims that the material is 'must see' and 'hilarious'. It sounds like movie poster promo-speak. Sad......

Thank you! Thank you all!

Thank you for watching that and warning me not to waste my time doing the same.

hhaha that really would hve been funny if andrew greene flattened him lol