Milt Stegall....Class Act!!

I just wanted to say that Milt is one of the classiest, selfless players in the league. On the last game of the season, my son and I had chance to watch the players warm up and Milt walks past and my son asked him to sign his ball. I got out the camera and Milt willingly agreed to have some pics done as well as signing my son's football. We chatted a bit and that was the thrill of my son's life. Stegall doesn't care about records...he wants to win games, total team player and willing to play only for Winnipeg. Loyalty and dedication and unselfish. If only other pro players could follow his lead (Terrell Owens)...if only.......hopefully he comes back for one last season.

Yes, he is a real legend and a great footballer. Move over Vick, Atlanta's got a new footy legend in town.

SBs ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Its a shame he'll never win a cup.

I totally agree with you djmc2003, Milt Stegall is a class act, and someone that all parents should point out to their children and their children should use as one of their role models. There are others in both the NFL and CFL who are also class acts, but unfortunately this is not news and the media needs controversy to keep people's interest, or so they think.
You should live where I live in suburban Philadelphia and have every sports report be Terrell Owens "All the Time". It's nauseating, especially for someone who isn't even an Eagles fan. I love the NFL and have been a fan all my life, but enough with this useless excuse for a human.
I do like the CFL too, and would enjoy it even more if the cable company would put at least one game a week on throughout the entire year, and not stop when the NFL season starts. At least they will put the Grey Cup game on, and I will enjoy watching that. For me the CFL will never replace the NFL, but it is fun to watch, is quite exciting, and has some highly skilled and top quality players, which I really appreciate and enjoy watching, especially Milt Stegall.

You said it the best my friend. One of the damn best. Milt Stegall.

Lets hope we can get what he wants next season! Now that would be unreal.

...the Bombers are very fortunate to have a talented ...classey individual like Milt....watching him play this year and the never quit attitude ...keeps my faith in pro athletes....he epitomizes what this game is all about...hope you come back for one more kick at the can Milt Stegall....I don't know how we are ever going to replace ya.... :!:

He sounds like a really classy guy..........That's what CFL players are all about....way to go Milt. I'm not even a Bomber fan, and I hope Milt plays again next year for Winnipeg's fans.

I'm not a Bomber fan either, obviously, as I'm a Rider fan. But that is definetly a classy thing to do.Only in the CFL..........

Well, let's hope he returns and gets a team built around could happen. He said he'd make his announcement on Grey Cup Day whether or not he'd return. I was just wondering if any other team in the league let's fans onto the field before the game to watch the players warm up like in Winnipeg giving the fans the total experience. I think it's a great idea.