Milt Stegall at Rookie Camp

I got a kick out of this one - have to agree with the headline lol. Anyway good on the Bombers and Milt for having a little fun and generating some pr. Still I’d hate to be him on May 9. Think he’ll feel it worse than he’s imagining, no matter what kind of shape he’s in.


WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced on Monday that Canadian Football Hall of Fame receiver and franchise icon Milt Stegall will be a participant on Day 1 of the club’s rookie camp on Wednesday, May 8.

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It would be interesting to see Wade Miller join him!

I also combined your topic with the same topic from yesterday.

Thanks Jon. Didn’t see that one. Was thinking of posting to the Bombers board but I figured this one would have broader appeal.


Love it. Go Milt. He’s already cornered best dressed award.


If Miller joined in they would have to have the heart paddles at the ready in the huddle .


Great to see Milt doing this. It’ll make for fun viewing.


Guys like Milt Stegall, Manney Arcenaux are old school, from when integrity mattered more than winning, more than the dollar. I see a lot of complaints here about the CFL. Hopefully we can return to the league’s boom years.

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They should bring him back in some sort of management role.
Go Bombers!

He seems to enjoy being on the TSN panel. A Bomber legend for sure but I don’t know if he’s interested in coaching or other football operations. If he was you would think it would have happened by now. As far as I know he’s stayed in Atlanta since retirement.


I’ll let you in on a little secret . I have it on good authority that Milt will be indeed coaching in two weeks in Ottawa for the annual CFC Prospect game . He will be coaching the West all-star team .The game will be held prior to the pre-season game between the Al’s and RB’s . It is an All-Star game of the best high school football players from coast to coast in this country and will feature many future stars to both the CFL as well as the NFL . Dave Sanchez will be the other coach in this game for the Eastern team .
The reason I know all this is because my son is one of the organizers and producers of this event showcasing our football talent across the country .