Milt Stegall and the 100 Yard Last Play TD

The 100-yard touchdown catch and run by Milt Stegall vs Edmonton was truly amazing and alot of credit must be given to Milt and Kevin Glenn for completing the pass. However, has anyone said much about the Edmonton defense, because the only way Winnipeg wins the game is if Milt Stegall goes 100 yards, if he runs to the 20-yard line or even the 10-yard line and is tackled, it doesn't matter and Edmonton still wins. Has the concept of a prevent defense ever been mentioned to the Eskimos, because you can let a receiver catch the ball, just make sure you are right there to tackle the receiver, then it's game over and you win.
I remember an NFL game in the late 1950's or early 1960's between the Baltimore Colts and the Detroit Lions, where Detroit was leading something like 13-8 with 15-20 seconds left on the clock. Johnny Unitas, the Colts quarterback launches a deep pass into the endzone and Lenny Moore makes a diving catch for a score and with the extra point, the Colts lead 15-13. Detroit takes the kick-off back to the 25 or 30-yard line and has only time for one more play. Earl Morrall drops back to pass and tjhrows the ball to Jim gibbons on a crossing route about 25 yards down the field. The two defenders covering Gibbons crash into each other and he runs the rest of the way to the endzone for a score and a 20-15 Detroit Lions victory. So these last second heroics can happen, but they just don't happen very often.

Stegail did have two EE guys on him, or close to stop him, he was just too fast for them.

and if this NFL play was back in the 50s and 60s, that was about the time the NFL and CFL were on par with each other, and the CFL had at times better American talent than the NFL.

he had 2 db's on him, but omg what was the d-coordenator thinking? you bring prssure with liek 3 guys and everyone else drop back, god, idiots, they should be fired.

I completely agree. Glenn made a great pass and Stegall made a great play, but it wouldn't have been possible without bad plays from 2 Eskimos, and a HORRIBLE play call. The guy who was responsible for Stegall seemed to badly misjudge the ball, and ran up too far, and let Stegall get behind him. He seemed in desperation to try and hit Stegall before the ball got there, figuring a pass-interference was better than the catch, but was too far behind him by that point. The Eskimo who left Brazzle just seemed to panic, and wildly lunge at Stegall, and missed. If he had been patient, maybe he could have made the play. And the Eks lined up 8 guys within 8 yards of the line of scrirmage and had 4 deep. They should have rushed 3, had 2 guys part way down the field, and had 7 deep. The Bombers never would have scored with that defense.

...i was just about to turn off the television.... after the first incompletion from around our goal-line...but being the true Blue Bomber fan that i am thought....oh well, what the hell ...might as well watch this thing to the very end...First thought that popped into my head before Glenn threw that beauty was....Man Glenn ever going to hear it from Berry after this one for that fumble....then ...WOW....THAT PIN-POINT LASER....into the waiting arms of one of the most dangerous receivers in the league...i just about fell off the couch...As Milt was heading for the end-zone...with Brazell escorting him ...and the two Esks. defenders picking themselves up off the turf ...i thought ...what justice....we had this game all along...and we retrieved it from the loss column by the miracle man Milt...tough loss for Danny boy and the Esks....but oh so sweet for the Bombers...keep er goin' BigBlue...Hamilton in a few days.... :thup:

That is why one should ALWAYS watch a CFL game to the last second papa.

Can you believe that last Thursday night, when it was 38-38 in Montreal with 2 minutes to go, a lot of people were leaving the stadium so they wouldn't be stucked in traffic?

I mean... what the hell are you doing in the stadium if you don't want to see an exciting thriller come to an end?

I always stay until they finish the mid-field interview with the player of the game...

....wise idea amazes me to ...why people pay good money not to sit to the very end.....if i had a transportation problem at the end of the game....i think i would find some other way to travel ...rather than let it bite into my game experience...people have robbed themselves of some great finishes....anyway....nice win against the guys just keep rollin' along...but don't roll ahead too far... :lol: :lol:

Rick Campbell is a complete idiot for calling a blitz on Glenn. A 3 man rush, with a prevent defence would have allowed the esks to win the game.

....and that would probably be hind-sight...which is always 20/ Campebell getting fired by Huey by the way...haven't heard... :?

Honestly though, why would anyone call a blitz on the last play of the game? 99% of the time the coordinator would just call a prevent, but rick campbell failed to do so! I haven't heard about any firings or changes being made for next week as of yet.

There's no shame in being the second best team in the league, papa. You'd still get a home playoff game... and possibly a second home playoff game after a trip to the Big O!

It was probably two of the dumbest plays
ever with less then a minute to play.

Glenn needing inches and he can run out the clock and he's driving for an extra
couple yds and fumbles.

Then Edmonton calling a blitz when Winnipeg needs a 1000 yd touchdown. Then
to top it off the dbs run into each other
on the play.

anyone found a link of that TD over the web ?

I'm still searching !

look up http//

Now that i think of it, those last few plays pretty much summed up the game. Brain fart on Glenn trying to push for extra yards with a minute left, and another brain fart on edmonton for giving up a 100 yard td.

Anyone have any stats on penalties? This year their seems to be a lot of penalties. Big pentalties at bad times.

Last weekend there was an avg 30 penalties called per game.

In other words 1 out of every 4 plays had
a penalty.

I always leave a baseball game before the 9th, but never the other sports.