Milt Stegall and BLUE BOMBERS make world headlines

espn reports on all cfl games noob

........true true EE, The Play itself was spectacular to behold, and kudos to Glenn/Stegall for pulling it off, but is really was a gift-wrapped present from the EE DC and the EE Defense....

....which brings me to ask this: who is the on-field leader of the EE D? I would've said Gass but he isn't playing right now, so would it be Mobley then?....point is, when you on-field leader sees something like this developing before the play isn't it his responsibility to say 'my DC obviously has his head up his butt, boys fall back right now and cover cover cover'?!?!.....

....(ps eager: word of etiquette, 5 posts and a couple of days here don't really qualify you to go calling folks 'noobs').....

Isnt the DC in Edmonton Hugh's son? The chances of him being fired are almost nil, so I would say Maccoica's head is on the chopping block, especially if they lose again at home to Montreal next week...

oooh so impressive 4392 posts...i guess your an expert...not...a lifetime of watching the game gives me the right to say what i want...when i want...this is an opinion

it had nothing to do with Glenn and Milt.....hmmmmmmmm what's wrong with that statement....i guess you could throw any old qb. and any old receiver in then could you EE.....dosen't say much for your defensive people....and i believe it was one of your better ones ...Malcolm Frank ...that Stegall burned...oh well ..according to you a CIS qb. and receiver could have done the same thing in similar circumstances.....NOT.....I guess you'll have to find some other way not to give credit to and ALL-STAR receiver..Stegall...and a very good lol :lol: :lol:

Milty can jump large buildings! beat a speeding bullet! And it takes Kanga one post to ruin a perfectly good thread! :lol:

hey you Dumbass...

it was a simple mistake on the defense. Give me a break bud, go take your pro NFL elsewhere

The only thing that could have made that TD any better was if it was the record breaker. Man that was an amazing finish.

Was anybody else a bit nervous the way Milt was holding the ball like a loaf of bread or Brazzel getting his feet tangled with Milt's. At least he waited until Milt hit the goalline before jumping on his back.

No penalty flag either. Talk about all the stars aligning at the right time. :thup: :cowboy:

milt must have big hands, he always holds the ball like that but never seems to fumble.

Are You Nuts or Just cynicaL ... if it got the coverage it got it for a reason

best part of that play was Berry running down the sidlines like a man who had just won the lottery ...

WOW milt didnt catch the balland Glenn didnt throw it. Another fact of life in the CFL any team that beats Edmonton only has Edmonton to thank .. this fits in nicely with the regular season means nothing theory`s all starting to add up now. If you watch the replay ... Frank actually intercepts the pass and hands it off to an unsuspecting Milt ...Bombers where taken in again wow

....sorry I missed this're right, a lifetime of watching the CFL gives you the right to say whatever you want...being a new poster here only gives you the right to be an a**hole until other skills are learned.....I'm pretty glad we got that squared away.....

Ah c'mon I a admitted it was a great play. I knew that post would come out wrong. I love Milt. Little tip if your gonna get rattled so easy maybe maybe you should find some other girls to chat with. I can't understand why anytime someone likes the NFL some people get so defensive. The CFL is great and doesn't need to feel inferior

I heard Milt was taking the new job of Ronald MacDonald! Now that is world news! :lol:

Just watch the sportcentre top 10 football finishes. My favorite has to be the immaculate reception. Out of all those the Stegal one probably involved the least amount of luck. A great pass and catch

Does anyone have a link to the Sportscentre top 10 finishes. I missed it.

If that is not possible, can someone please tell me what the 10 were? I am sure I can take a guess at many of them lol

-Music City Miracle
-Stanford / Cal game with the Band on the field
-Immaculate Reception
-Miracle at the Meadowlands
-The Jaguars / Saints game from a few years ago where the Saints went 75 yards on the last play thanks to a few laterals, then missed the tying convert.
-UCLA Hail Mary game
-That high school game from Texas from several years ago where the one team was down by 24 points with 3 minutes to play, and scored 4 TDs, including recovering 3 onside kicks to take a lead with a few seconds left, then lose it on the kickoff return on the last play

Edmonton blitzed on the last play for one reason and one reason only. That was to try to hurt Glenn. The Eskies thought that Glenn was rubbing it in when he tried to steal a few extra yards on the fumble play. Then When Edmonton scored they already thought the game was out of reach. The fact is they lined up eight guys to rush with the hopes of hurting Glenn, the best part was the whole edmonton team couldn't bust through the best Back up o-line in the league and Glenn made them pay. God the eskies suck....

Yeah it was pretty funny when 5 guys from a battered O-line held off a rush of like 8 guys.

Glenn had plently of time to deliver a strike right into Stegall's arms.

Why? Never seen a disappointed coach before? I have...last November.