Milt Stegal


I was not offended by the "nobody likes Regina comment". However, it seemed out of place and unecessary.

The comment about Baggs being in Winnipeg just confused me and also seemed unecessary.

It was the QB Comparison that showed me Stegall has no business being in broadcasting. He sounded like a child who had no intention of making any real effort to succeed at what he is doing.

It's one thing to not know a QB's full name - it's another thing to make fun of not knowing his name on live National TV - but it is pathetic and classless to show zero respect to both QB's during a comparison that the league does in order to showcase the skills of the QBs being compared.

Considering Dunigan was EASILY the strongest member of the TSN panel (IMO), that panel has fallen a long way from the high position I held them in a week ago.

If Dunigan is going to stay on commentary, Stegall has to either be given an actual lesson on broadcast journalism, or be sent packing.

Please TSN pick up the slack Stegall has delivered to your once High Calibre Panel.

If I wanted comic relief I'd watch Just for Laughs...watching a supposed football analyst I would be expecting something insightful instead of spiteful, its clear Ole Milty is quite bitter at the Riders organization for taking has Grey cup ring.

And yes you can be an analyst and funny at the same time...Problem is... Milt is neither