Milt Stegal

I think it wasn't a very class thing that MIlt Stegal said on the tsn broadcast "not many players like being in or playing in regina". Maybe Milt didnt like playing there cause they have the best fans and more support around our pronvince then any other team. Anyone agree?

It's just Milts way of showing affection, he actually always enjoyed playing in TF from what I recall. The guy is always quite the sarcastic joker, you can't take things he says so seriously.

Milt's trying to find his "Schtick" as a TSN analyst. He's a straight shooter and he doesn't mince his words. Like them or not, he's direct and not wishy washy.

I was wondering if anyone else would pick that up, I just rolled my eyes and looked where it came from thats Milts Bomber mouth running again, its one flaw he will have for awhile as he is still bitter towards a team with such great fans and beating him in his last Grey Cup. Just glad its not Troy Widewood on the panel :roll:

Actually, I bet Troy would be a hoot on there.

Stegall is an egomaniac. I stopped listening the moment he didn’t even know Durants first name. He has a serious hate-on for Saskatchewan as a province and a as a football team. I don’t buy the sarcasm/tongue in cheek line. Stegall is an egomaniac. :thdn:

we are the armpit of canada remember...

I thought that Milt's first appearance wasn't great. It's one thing to be sarcastic, but he came off disrespectful and insulting to a lot of the audience. The rookie mistake on the name was a rookie mistake, and I blame it on how he was traumatized by Kerry Joseph ruining his championship dreams, he saw Kerry Joseph's name and his nightmares returned -- automatically associating him with the team that was his nemesis.

Did anyone else catch how he tried to take credit for Stevie Baggs being such a great addition to our team? It came just after Baggs got us that Safety sack: Stegall started talking about how Baggs didn't care for the game until he set Baggs straight in practice or words to that effect.

Class act, Milt, class act. /sarcasm

Yeah, and I saw another interview a year or 2 ago where he took credit for how good Geroy Simon is. He claimed he taught him what he knows when they were together in Winnipeg.

What's really humorous is how he spent 14 years with the Bombers and never got a ring. Now that's funny!!

Apparently I'm the only one who wasn't bothered by what he said. Such is life.

Not the only one - I rolled my eyes a bit a couple of times, but so what? If we can’t laugh at ourselves …

I think Suitor's saftey kickoff campaign shows how influencial the TSN announcers can be. Perpetuating the image that Regina is not an attractive city can have an adverse affect on all the work that goes into battling that image. For years Regina struggled to attract top talent because of their image -- now that we've finally overcome that, the national TV announcers give us another step backwards. That comment was uncalled for and detrimental to a team that already struggles with player retension.

That's what.

I must have missed it when he said that. what were they talking about? The way it was quoted in this thread,“not many players like being in or playing in regina”, it can be taken 2 ways.
one being as a player for the home team - this is a shot at us
and the other being as a player for the visitor team. this case is a total compliment.

If it were true I'd have laughed as well but those mentor statements were out of line for a so-called professional. Time to step up your game Milt, and sometimes stepping up is actually stepping down a notch or two. Be humble, you have ALL SORTS of personal accolades but let us remind you, you are NOT a champion.

I have to agree with you. He has zero personality and I can't imagine a poorer choice for the panel! Who makes these decisions at TSN?

khari jones would have been a much better choice

Here Here!

I don't think the team being in Regina has much of any impact on player retention, this isn't the 90's where there was no spending limit and all the best players ended up in TO and Edmonton. Management chose to let certain players go, what a certain media person said during a telecast has minimal to no impact.

I think we need to quit being so sensitive to everything said about our team, city or province. We need to lighten up a bit :wink: