Milt Steegal's comments on the panel

During last night's game there was discussion on the TSN panel about the quarterbacks in Hamilton. Milt Steegal, a former teammate of Kevin Glenn stated that Glenn is frustrated and disappointed that he is not the starter. Steegal then said that Glenn has not publicly said anything about it but has spoken to him about it. He also said that Glenn told him that other players on the offence are also confused why Porter keeps being trotted out as the starter each game. Anyone else hear this? Should be interesting.

Well, I would think every qb in the league should be, and if they're not in some way there's a problem, frustrated they aren't starting. I don't think I've ever heard someone say "I just love being the backup". As for players being confused, well, they are players and just want the best qb out there to win and yes, Glenn is the better qb. However coaches and gm's have a different perspective on the whole thing and don't let players in on everything. Of course they want to win like everyone else but the bigger agenda here could be to get Porter game action, nothing substitutes, so when the Cats have a real shot at the GC like next year, we have a better Porter. They are investing in Porter for the long haul, some people might not see this or like but I think that IS the way it is. And I'm fine with this.

I agree with pretty much everything you have said here, Earl.

The problem I have with this way of looking at it, is that in the CFL you can load up in a year and make a run... we've seen it many times. Theres nothing preventing Toronto or Winnipeg from loading up and potentially being better than us next year, and this is where i am concerned. We have a chance to get to the Grey Cup THIS year. Believe it or not... but its essentially one game, cause if this team does find stride there's nothing stopping us from playing Montreal in the East Final, one game separates us from the Grey Cup. We can continue to sacrifice wins for development. Glenn is 30 years old and can be our QB for the next 5-7 years, and this is what frustrates me. I believe Glenn's experience and quicker release was the difference last night, but i dont know how it would have turned out.

The bottom line is, we have a chance to win NOW, and if the team is divided, its not good for the rest of the year.

Also, note to Kevin Glenn: If you know your buddy Milt is gonna go on national TV and talk about your malcontent, dont talk to him about it.... and if its not true, come out and put a stop to it.

Perhaps the question for the coach/gm is in the 'big picture' this season and then moving forward to develop Porter into next year is, 'does Hamilton have a possible chance to win the GC this year?' This isn't a question that I don't think either MB or BO would discuss at length with the media, but if the point of playing is to win games and put yourself into a position to win a championship, at some point this year a realistic evaluation has to be made if Porter has or can get to the point where he can lead the team to this in 2009. If he can not, then the question becomes, 'at what point to you involve Glen with the offense by playing to get on a roll and build momentum or consitency to give the team the best chances to win in the playoffs?' Should Hamilton beat Winnipeg next week they are certainly in a strong position for a home playoff game. If that is the case there is certainly no reason to panic, but looking ahead it would seem that for this year you want to have the best chance to win in the playoffs. If Glen is starting and at opportune times Porter still plays in remaining games, how much is Porter's development delayed? I would suggest not very much. As has been pointed out on other threads, most good CFL quarterbacks take several years to develop. It's the coaches/managements job to support that, which Hamilton is showing a strong commitment to.
Anything can happen in one playoff game, and to get to the GC Hamilton will have to beat the Als in Montreal. Can this realistically happen? Sure, it's one game and why the teams play the game. Can they win there with Porter starting? I'd say not as likely with the schemes and the ability he has shown this year so far. The season is 2/3 over and I'd still like to think the real goal and priority this year is to win the GC. As shocking as that would have sounded at the end of last year or the beginning of this year... it is entirely possible. At the heart of motivation for players and fans I think if there is a sense of commitment to making this happen and some forward planning... it can happen. Believe you can win and visualize it and you're a lot closer to being there...

On the one hand, Glenn knew what he was signing up for. It wasn't a surprise the organization is trying to develop its own QB. Glenn is also aware that the second worst team in the league cut him loose and there weren't any starting positions elsewhere. On the other hand, it must be frustrating watching the rookie struggle while Glenn's performances off the bench have been effective and reliable. Any high performance athlete wants to compete. He should keep his comments to himself when around media types though, old friends or not.

I can understand why Kevin is upset .
See the stats

[url=] ... m/hamilton[/url]

Glen has Better QB Rating Then Porter
78.5 to 89.4 for Glen
Glen has more TD 10 to 6

Glen has Less Picks 8 to 4

Porter has More Throws and Yards
He is Risky with the Football Ball
Somthing we can't afford right now with Peg so Close.

Also, note to Kevin Glenn: If you know your buddy Milt is gonna go on national TV and talk about your malcontent, dont talk to him about it.... and if its not true, come out and put a stop to it.

Agree Crash for sure.

IF we beat Winnipeg next week... WHAT MAKES YOU THINK WE ARE GOING TO BEAT WINNIPEG NEXT WEEK. People here are talking like it's a given. It's not a given folks. The odds are in Winnipeg's favour right now. They are moving forward and we are moving backward. If our coach continues this love affair with his rookie QB, and our offensive Co-ordinator is not given a swift kick in the ass, and we continue to stick with Setta... we might as well just kiss our playoff hopes goodbye.
I have been saying this since game 1 when we lost to the Argos. WE CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE THESE GAMES. But every week MB chooses to throw another game away as our chances for a miraculous, one-season turnaround slips away.
MB is losing the confidence of this entire team with his bonehead decisions.
I don't know how many of you are losing interest, but it's getting to the point that I am caring less and less about the Ticats with every passing week. I have attended several games this season but have no interest whatsoever in attending any more games. I am sure I am not alone.
A team that has not had a winning season in like four or five years cannot afford to tick off any more fans.

Please complete the whole story. When giving statistis you ALWAYS forget the entire picture.

Please add on to this post and let us all know the records of each QB as a starting QB. Thanks for your help!

There are a few Reasons Porter has more wins
(1)cause he Starts More for one (glen could have the same amount of win But will never know)
(2) The Defence has kept us in Games
(3) He has been lucky and Sometimes it better to be lucky then Good

If Milt was quoted correctly, that is, nobody has confirmed this.

Glenn accepted his role as # 2 with a chance to earn the # 1 spot

Since Kevin hasn’t outperformed Quinton by such a wide margin
that Marcel would have been compelled to handed him the reins

Kevin better tell Milt to shut up because if a locker room division
becomes evident it could be ended quickly by getting rid of him.

If Glenn said this to Stegal one of two things is terribly wrong. Milt Stegal betrayed a confidence or Kevin Glenn betrayed his team. HMMMMMM.

Wasn't it Milt last week, telling everyone how Romby said he wasn't happy in the Peg and that Fanklin refsed an extension and also wanted out? Milt better slow down. He just got this job and he's already burning bridges for the sake of good television. For all i know, Glenn and those guys migh have been ok with him saying that stuff on tv. But you gotta wonder how many other players hear this stuff and start to watch what they're saying to Milt.

As like Dunnigan - Stegal is a talking just of the sake of being heard. I seriously doubt Glenn had any such conversation with Stegal - and if they had Stegal turns out be a gas bag of major perportions. Most people like to think they have the inside information becuase it gives them some sence of being in the loop. Stegal - unprofessional.

As soon as I heard Steegal say this, I knew someone would comment on it here, lol.

Anyways Porter doesn't exactly need to play to improve. He can watch Glenn. Glenn's done this before, he can take the reins from here on in. OB did say there was an outside chance Glenn would be the starter. Have Glenn finish the season. As for next season's QB, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Also, something I'd like to point out is that if the fans get on Porter if he keeps playing poorly as a starter, he'll want out, and may star somewhere else. Sure, he is likely a good future QB, but will he want to be a future QB for another team? If the fans keep treating him like this, maybe. Nobody wants to see another Anthony Calvillo.

I heard Milt's comments and have no reason to doubt his accuracy. And if Glenn didn't tell him that the conversation was off the record, Milt was just doing his job. In fact, maybe Glenn wanted Milt to reveal what was happening. Schultz was also totally in favor of giving Glenn a legit shot at being #1 because of Porter's failings. He even said that he's come around 180 degrees from the start of the season when he thought Porter could be THE guy. When the experts begin to question Porter's continued status as the #1 QB, it really should give everyone reason to wonder if Marcel has made the right decison.

An Argo-Cat fan

Anyways Porter doesn't exactly need to play to improve.

So Beast, let me ask you, you're having surgery, not just a routine surgery but one that is a bit tricky, say a 50/50 outome, which surgeon would you want, the resident who just came on as a bona fide surgeon with 25 procedures like what you need or the guy who's been doing this for 10 years after residency and has done 1000 of these procedures with audits being done on a 1000 compared with 25 and the audits in favour of the guy having done 1000? Fact is my friend nothing, and I repeat nothing, subsitutes for the real thing, believe the stats in medicine in surgery bear this out and there is no reason to think a guy in football who sits on the sidelines and watches all the time is getting grooming perfecto. Some sideline stuff and watching from time to time, no problem, agree, but if you're banking on the future of this guy in the long run, he needs game reps. If the guys isn't your guy, then get rid of him and don't invest in him. Hey, Porter whent to the European League and lost time, he screwed up on this for sure, but I think he's the real deal, just not this year.

Stegal and Glenn should both keep quiet. Rumors like this help no one.

This looks really bad on Kevin Glenn.

I saw Milt's comments and didn't think it was a big deal. Kevin wants to play and I'd be surprised if he didn't. That's what being a competitor is all about. He has been supportive of QP and this only becomes an issue if they develop a schism. They both are trying to win but MB hasn't done QP any favours with his handling of the position. I agree that Kevin needs to be careful about public comments, but I suspect Milt's remarks were somewhat out of context.