Milt Possibly Traded To Riders!?

I read in the Star Phoenix today (Saskatoon's paper) that there were some trade rumours going around that Winnipeg's Milt Stegall could possibly be traded to the Green and White. Supposedly Roy Shivers talked to Milt at length during both the Labour day game in Regina and the Banjo Bowl in Winnipeg. Roy has supposedly left messages with all the Bombers Brass (Coach, GM, President) and is awaiting a response.

The whole thing seems a little odd to me considering they just gave Milt a new car for "as long as he's a bomber" I mean, that could be a matter of weeks if there is any truth to this rumour because the trade deadline is quickly approaching. Milt is a great receiver who still has a little fuel left in his tank.

i just read the winnipeg sun and winnipeg gm Brandon Taman said that he'd trade stegall for "half their team and a couple of wins" he says it could happen but not anytime soon so just puttin the other side to the story

ya, can't see them tradeing him away for anything but a couple high caliber players...So no I don't think they will want to relieve us of Butler :frowning:

As much as I like Milt he is no spring chicken, like who would we trade anyway except some of our young hot prospects.
The Rumor was shown on local Saskatoon TV sports, when interviewed DB said we would love to have Stegall, but so far no response from the Peg.

So far its just that...a rumor

Not going to happen! Though the Riders did have a new WR at practice today........

Who would that be? or are you going to make me wait for the News tonight...

I think the guy's name is Sam Breedon - cut from Green Bay. Apparently he's got potential.

Potential sounds good, anything that can help the offense is great.