For old Ticat fans like me.......remember Milt Campbell. RIP ... lt_ca.html

Milt scored a touchdown the first time he touched the ball in Hamilton. Heads up to St. Peter, that zoom you just heard was Milt Campbell coming home. Rest in Peace.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

8) From what I recall, Milt only played 1 year for the Cats, but he had outstanding speed, obviously because he was a
  former USA Olympian !!

   Yes "PatLynch", he did score a touchdown the first time he touched the ball as a TiCat !!

    The only other player that I remember doing that feat, was I believe, former TiCat and Buffalo Bill fullback, Art Baker,

     or another ex Bill, Mini Max Anderson !!!

     RIP Milt.

Didnt Marcus Thigpen do it aswell?

You're right. First time he touched the ball in regular season play was his 88-yd. TD return, untouched, of the opening kickoff of the Cats' 2010 season in WPG. He's doing well and is among the league leaders returning kicks now for the Dolphins.

I believe RB Allen Smith did it too, back in the 60s. It was in a playoff game.

That's an old memory and it's true. I was at the game which was played in Ottawa. Smith is listed on the All-Time Roster as a 1-year Tiger-Cat -- 1968. If the game was a playoff,which I seem to recall it was too, it would have to have been the first game of the Eastern Final in '67 because HAM didn't face Ottawa in the '68 playoffs. Or, if he did only play in '68, then it was a mid October regular season game. I do recall not knowing who that #22, who just scored, was.

RIP Mr. Milton Campbell.

If I remember correctly Milt played with the Argos his last year or two in the CFL and had become one of those "naturlized Canadians" the league allowed back then.

Good memory on your part too ottawacat. I have a feeling it was the 67 playoffs. I do remember that after he did that in the playoffs (we got him after he had a stint in Buffalo, and their site says he played there in 66 and 67, so this makes sense I think), he played one full season in Hamilton, so that is probably why the all-time roster refers to him playing one season in 68.