Milt and Kahari??

as the all time QB-Receiver combo??

Did Winnipeg go on an online voting spree??

I voted to McManus - Flutie.

Yes, it appears so. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

They were a great combo, but I think Mac to Flutie had more longevity, so that's where I parked my ballot stuffing.

As far as the most lethal combo I have seen (trying to be as non-subjective as a Cat fan can be), I would put Flutie to Pitts for Calgary at the top of the pairs up for voting. Doug's scrambling ability and Pitts's capacity to get open with great athleticism made that combo lights out!

Dickenson to Simon reminds me of that except for the fact Dave has been injured off and on a lot in recent years and thus the run of that tandem hasn't been as pronounced.

Oski Wee Wee,

I'd OPINE Flutie to Pitts was the GREATEST CONNECTION ... I would also SUGGEST that because Doug had prior committments, and would not be able to participate in a half time tribute - that they went for the NEXT BEST combo of Jones to Stegall.

Call it BALLOT STUFFING, call it a CONSPIRACY, call it a collusion of circumstances, call it whatever you want ... two of the top 10 (on the all time 50) and they are somehow NOT the Greatest Connection ?? c'mon !


Unfortunately, the best combo wasn't even one of the choices.Sam the Rifle Echevery(sp)and Prince Hal Patterson were simply the best. Better than all the rest. Patterson also played defence like our #26 while Sam was also an accomplished punter.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)

Best combo?? Yeah right. Just ask them to show their rings. Oh that's right, their don't have any.

This was a joke of a contest and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.

I have to agree. I was shocked to hear them announced as winners. Yes…they were good but they certainly didn’t have the success or longevity as Moon and Kelly.