I assume you mean Schmidt shanked less, and in that case, I would really re-watch last year. He had a fair number last year that he shanked. I like Schmidt more for his placement, when he didn't shank it.

No question Schmidt did shank a few last year but his kicks when pure are long with lots of hang time giving the covearge team time to burn down there a stop a guy in his tracks. Bartel hasn't been a liability although he also has shanked a couple but sometimes he drives a punch shot low ball that gets to the returner faster and the cover guys are not in position to contain as easy. I think Bartel tries and get to creative at times and that's when he whiffs one. He needs to focus on his kicking angle to pin returners and his trajectory to give the cover team a chance to get down and contain. If he does that he will be fine.

I like how he does line drivers and goes for the bounce, sucking the returned up, then launching it over their head eventually once he is up. Generally speaking, he knows how to spin the ball better than most.

They have teased with the fakes a few times...Bartel running up, and that crazy shift on the line in I think the 2rd against the Als. They are definitely getting in other teams heads...people know it is coming eventually at this point. My money says labor day :smiley:

I agree Depop. Everyone knows that he is capable..... We have to be patient so he can find his mojo again. The Riders always seem to find decent kickers, but can't hang onto them because they miss one or two and get run out of town. Fans need to stand behind Milo, similar to the way most are standing behind Taj Smith... Everyone needs to relax and let him get his confidence back. Everyone must also realize that Milo has a different holder this year, so that can take some time to get used to as well

He goes thru these slumps a lot. The way our offence is playing, we can't miss any FGs. Playoffs you need confidence in your kicker and that developers during the season. They are bringing I another kicker so the team agrees that Milo has not been good enough. This may motivate him to improve.