Milo, Milo, Milo

What can I say, this kid gets into his own head worse then DD does. Some were praising him earlier this year for his consistency but the kid chokes when times get tough. Had we had the like of DeAngelis or Ridgeway there would be at least one more win (if not two). I really don't like heading into post-season shake off that with a kicker that cannot shake off the last attempt.

I'm fine with Milo...he has been solid all season. Misses happen. I mean seriously...3 of his misses have been uprights and snaps contributed to that (all in a span of 2 games). That is going to get in any kicker's head a bit.

Chamblin did the perfect thing calling him on with total confidence on the 45 yarder.

He has the 2nd best average, and is 5 for 6 at 40+, 1 for one at 50.

Not sure what more you can expect from a kicker. He is doing great.

And by the way, Ridgeway only had 1 season that ever bested Milo's present 87.2 average, and it wasn't until his 6th season he hit 80%+

Sandro was 30 for 39 with the Riders and was generally horrid that season. He is not even breaking 70% this year. It is a pretty weak player to hope for...they had him....they cut him because he sucked for them. If Milo maintains his present average, it is an average Sandro has never reached.

Unfortunately some of those misses probably could have won us at least two games. Missing from 26 yds is tough to figure out. He has to start getting back to how he started. He could win us a GC.

What I expect is a kicker that can make the kicks when the going gets tough. Sandro and Ridgeway could do it, Milo seems to choke.

I think looking back now a day after the win you can see that after an amazing start by several Kickers a lot have had some struggles in recent games but at the end of the game Milo was called upon late and he came through in the clutch. While on the other sideline the great BC kicker missed a much easier kick which was not just missed but returned out of the endzone for a big gain of field position and not even a rouge acquired.
Chamblain showing confidence in his guy speaks volumes and a big confidence builder for Milo. The Riders are not going to change kickers now so they will need a Milo with his head in the right place walking off with a win breaking a 4 game losing streak in BC and Milo's longer field goal making things much mor comfortable for theRiders

Sandro was clutch for the Riders was he? Lol...that is pretty funny. You might want to rewatch a few games from that year and reflect on a things like an 18 yarder almost dead in the middle of the field getting shanked. Or a 34 yarder for the win getting missed.

I recall Milo winning with a 36 yard walkoff this year...the only time they have been in a position to kick to win. Guess that's not clutch though huh?

His misses have been at midpoints in games (I don't believe he has missed in the4th this year), so basically what you are saying is that any miss at any point of a game at any point in the season is missing.

Step back into reality. You have a hate on for Milo for whatever reason, but you are comparing him to Sandro...sorry...Sandro is not even in the top 10 for kickers in the last decade. I find it a horrible person to attempt making a comparison to.

I'm not ready to throw Milo under the bus. We did that to McCallum and he went on to become one of the greatest kickers in CFL history. The games where some people are blaming Milo for the losses the Riders offence did not really show up.

Bottom line, DeAngelis, McCallum, Rdigeway or Milo to win the game. Who do you pick. My choice has Milo at the last resort.

McCallum has had his fair share of chokes throughout the years hence the manure incident (not that this was right). Milo appears to be in a slump, and played a significant role in the first loss to BC though. I think kicking field goals is alot like golf; when you are on you are on and when you are off you try to swing too hard, or are lifting your head too early to see where the ball went. If he just gets back to the fundamentals, he has the talent and the ability to do well.

DeAngelis would not even be a consideration for me. He would never make it out of camp on attitude alone, never mind he is average at best.

I would likely want Rob Maver

DeAngelis aside, who is garbage and I can't for the life of me understand why you are attempting to put him in the same light as McCallum or Rdigeway...if we are talking a player in there first 5 years, I would pick Milo over Ridgeway in a heartbeat.

McCallum himself is a 79.7 kicker...Milo is 81.7 and 3 years into his career has some damned nice numbers, and will only get better. And since you are into the whole distance thing...McCallum's average FG is 30.6 yards...right where Milo is. As for McCallum being clutch...he is...but most Rider fans can recall a game winner or 2 (18 yards cough...overtime....cough....clutch kick....cough cough) that he has missed. Is he still Mr Perfect?

You are looking at this completely blindly because you want to hate Milo for whatever reason. How many did he make in a row? Guess that is not clutch huh?

McCallum and Rdigeway are hall of famers...not everyone is going to be them (though Milo is actually ahead of their pace at this point in his career) is like saying someone is a bad QB because Moon did it better.

again...step back into reality...or keep your hate-on like doing that.

Dude, seriously? There is damn near 20 yards difference in their average attempts at this point in their career.

As I pointed out, McCallum's average is the essentially the no, that is not true. Not sure where you get 20 from either, because Ridgeway's average made FG was 42.8 yards...Milos is about 31...but okay...make up whatever numbers you choose. So Ridegeway had a longer average in an era where longer FGs were attempted and the team sucked too much to get it closer. Does a 5% lower average even things out? I think so. Few teams attempt the long field goals very often...why...a missed log one hurts too much on the return, and that is where Ridegways average got hurt...those misses were costly....great he kicked long ones and missed a lot of them.

Oh wait? You obviously think McCallum REALLY REALLY sucks...his average FG length is the same as Milo's and his average is worse...that is the logic you keep falling back on, so I don't see how you can dispute this comment, but I am sure you'll come up with a great effort.

And again, you are trying to compare people who have had 5 times plus the lengths of careers. Lets look at Dave's first 3 years for a relative comparison...Ridgeway...68.75, Milo 81.7. Good for Dave...he kicked longer FGs and was a 13% lesser kick...basically a percent per average yard.

I don't see you you can expect a 3rd year player to have the same stats as hall of famer who played so much more, and was NOT great until 6 years in. and if you are so fixated on big kicks...Milo is at 85.7% on 40+ yarders this season.

Keep grasping though.

And you seem to think years in the league is a benchmark. May I ask whom is the leader of the league in kicks and how many years has he been in the league?

De Angelis or McCallum over Milo? Wow glad you not the coach. Paul was good but his age is showing. Yes Mil has been a bit snake bitten the last couple of games and yes if it wasn't for the two posts the Riders would have beaten BC. Still he made a 48 yarder last night and that made BC have to try for a touchdown on 3rd down and another short kick. He isn't a machine and I'm sure he's not happy with the misses. Milo hasn't been an issue all year and not worried about him now.

Yea I have mixed feelings on Milo. I'm not too impressed with his response to adversity - responding after misses. I don't care how many in a row a kicker makes because that's their job lol.

They can't be getting negativity in their heads like that. Playoffs are coming.

He is one for his last one so mabe the confidence will be back and another streak will begin

Not a benchmark but yes, a factor. People generally get better over time…just look at their stats. You are comparing a 3 year player to guys with 5 times plus the experience…of course this becomes a factor. With time you have lived through situations and that experience will steady one’s nerves. You are comparing him to guys that he is way ahead at at equivalent lengths into their careers.

You are taking highlights of peoples careers and focusing only on those or something. Paul is the first to admit that he made some really bad misses in his youth, and he has done so in interviews. I can remember very vividly several occasions he missed game winners. That was a pretty consistent thing for literally the first half of his career.

If you think experience is not a factor, then I am sure you would have no issues hiring a 20 year old to run your business right?

oh, and congrats to your precious Mr Clutch tonight, DeAngelis…1 or 2 on the night, and a long shot at making 70% on the season.

Yup…love your assessment on talented kickers LOL

Unfortunately that is the point.whether it is high scoring or low scoring game, missed fields can and do make the difference. So being clutch is key to that position. I like that Chamblin showed his confidence in Milo by calling him out to keep kicking. I wish he'd do the same for Willy, though in our current situation he really can't, we need the wins now. Let's pray DD doesn't get injured.

Kudos to Milo for some big kicks in the Semi, with a rather cold brick