Milo has re-signed

Thats good news

I must admit, I didnt think the Riders would ink him

great news

Happy to see Milo back, Butler and Newman on the other hand, this is gonna hurt us in the long haul, but have faith they will be replaced!

That is a big signing!! :rockin:

Consistant FG Kickers are hard to come by. The reason you see so many older FG kickers in both the CFL and NFL.
The Riders making a smart and modern game move by allowing Milo to just handle FG Kicking put him ove the top las season.
Putting out the extra $$$ for Milo to stay was at the expense of losing shmitt. The however made a great move by acquiring Bartel to punt, he was the east all star punter in 2013.
Milo will need to pick up the kick off duties which is reasonable for a FG kicker to do.

Now that the big FA signings are done re signing Milo for FG and Bartell for Punting puts the Riders in a position of comfort with their kicking game that not every team has.

Toronto resigned Walters to do all duties
Hamilton bringing Medlock back secures them as well
BC the steady footed mcCallum for FGS only and Schmitt punting and KO
Calgary return a pair of All Stars

All four not secure at all

Ottawa and Montreal most likley thought their chances of signing Milo would very good and now are left scrabling a bit.

Montreal moving Whyte to strictly FGS and possibily Kick Offs could be a fix for them having Dales on the roster and Boris Bede on the neg list

EDM O'Neil and SHAW combo will need to define their roles.

Ottawa have an Import with NFL/CFL expereince and a Canadian

Winnipeg has signed the best Canadian prospect but nothing is secure there.