Milo cut

So I saw over at Tsn on Tweets that Milo has been cut and Emry 6 gamed. Didn't see anything on LP though. Guess we couldn't trade Milo?

yeah...think that was back on Monday no?
Tough to trade a guy that has been missing kicks, you have said you had no faith in, have already replaced, and everyone knows he will be released in time. Their best hope was that one of the couple new kickers from week 2 really struggled and they could then move him. BT has stated that if Paul continues to do well they are hoping to keep him around potentially into 2017

They may have kept him on the 46 just so that the Argos couldn't get him last week. Maybe this was a factor, maybe not.

Yes...the Argos were one of the teams with a new kicker...totally believe they hoped one of the kickers would tank and they would get a pick for him...even a conditional. From what I have heard there was potentially a turf toe 6 game offering but it was snubbed