Milner or Grant

One of the positives that came out of yesterdays game was the running game by the two rookies that have been brought into camp. Wondering who you think should make the team.

I am having a hard time with this for a couple of reasons. The answer to this question may be more about what role the Ti-Cats want to fill than who is the better player. Milner is a power back, while Grant is a slasher. If they are looking for a back who will can power ahead to get those short yards, I like Milner. If they are looking for a smally speedy illusive big play back, I like Grant. Cobourne is kind of a hybrid back who runs with power and speed.

I am sort of leaning toward Milner because the Ti-Cats have needed a true power back for years, but I also understand that they are looking for a backup to Cobourne, not a starter, as the starting fullback will probably be a Canadian. When it comes to being a backup in the CFL this often means the player will be expected to perform on special teams. Which of these guys are better on teams, I really have no idea. Grant's speed could be an asset in this regard, but Milner's size may be more suitable for blocking.

At this point I think we should go with Milner, and keep Grant on the PR. The next pre-season game could very well decide which one makes the team.

Keeping both these players around might be a good, the rate of injuries at RB can be high at times.

I also agree that the Ticats need a power back. I really like the way Milner runs. Splitting the backfield with a guy like Milner and the proven talent of Cobourne could be a dangerous backfield and wear down defenses in a hurry. I'm excited to see what happens. I'm glad we have depth at the RB position.

Given Cobourne's age and the physicality of the runningback position, I think it would be smart to keep both of them. I'd prefer Milner be on the active roster as opposed to Grant because he could be a real asset in the short yardage game.

Little early for a poll, with one X-game left to play.

Dah, shoot. I messed up my selection. I'm thinking Milner on the PR and Grant let go. Cobourne and Thiggy in the 42.

How comes there’s not a “Put one on the IR with a so-called injury and keep the other one the roster or PR” option?

Neither Milner or Grant will be on the 42-man roster. Either one or both will be put on the practice roster or hidden on the injury list.

Not sure where your getting that from, but if you listen to Bellefeuille it sounds like there keeping one of them.

Yes they will..... on the four man reserve, the practice roster or the injury list. Just don't think they can afford to dress a back-up running back to Cobourne when they want to dress all-purpose Thigpen and probably Chris Williams as a returner on the 42-man game day roster.

I agree. Thigpen will be the in-game backup. One of Milner or Grant will be on the reserve list (which is technically "on the team"), and the other will likely be on the PR.

I voted Milner on the team and Grant on the PR, but that's just based on a half-hearted listen to the game broadcast.

With all the reps Thigpen seems to be getting at slot I doubt he would be the in-game back-up for Cobourne. If Milner or Grant don't dress then my guess is that Stephenson would fill the role.


Well after the second game, I certainly would have changed my choice, and I also realised there are some options missing in this poll, mainly Grant on the team and Milner released, and Milner on the team and Grant released.

Grant had a fantastic game against the Als. Most if not all of his time was in the second half, and Milner actually had pretty limited action (which would lead one to believe that the coaches were already starting to lean in one direction). Grant certainly displayed his break-away speed.

Now that the cuts are done, I'm a little dissappointed to see them cut Milner, but glad to see they have a solid backup in Grant.