According to Sportsnet he's signed with the Argos.

Good news for all fans!

He wont be talking on tv anymore.

No talking. But in the playoffs. With the Argos not the Eskimos.

Signed to do what?

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what a mistake, the guy is washed up

I thought they signed him up as a coach. This is a surprise.

This is a head scratcher... Why???

At least we get him off the air for the rest of the season.

The Argos tried the same thing with Millington in 2005. That didn't end well. Millington ended up with an achiles heel injury, and obviously didn't finish the season.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I agree with Mike, I think he's all washed up! (How old is he now anyways?)

Like I said, Is there anyone the Argos won't sign? Ridiculous!

Damn it!! who on the CBC's panel are they going to make fun of now?

Silly Milly should give up on revamping his football carrer, just like his announcer career.

39 and an RB? Talk about illusions of grandeur. :roll:

....too slow now....injury prone...and if the marbles fall out of his mouth on a run...that could end up career ending (for the fifth time).. :roll:

And maybe what Millington wants to do is go out as an Argo and Cup Winner.


If he plays like he commentates, opposing teams have nothing to worry about.

I remember when he played here in Winnipeg, signed for big bucks and what a bust!

You're Joking, Right ?

Last time he tried this, he took one kick return and sat on the bench for the rest of the game stretching out his cramp, followed by the commentators holding back laughter.

Millington's comments, regarding Akili Smith not being able to suck it up, will be rubbed in his face (or at least brought up in the internet)if he can't finish a game.

They needed a replacement for Jeff Johnson.

The Argo's are in the process of trying to field a seniors team, apparently they are close to luring pinball out of retirement as well.

Millington and I were pretty good friends in high school, same grad class, both played on the D (he was a DE in high school), he lived about 3 blocks from me. Played most of his career with the Lions, and was pretty good. Didn't have the footwork of a Joe Smith, but he was incredibly strong, and got most of his yards dragging defenders.

So you can imagine I would support whatver he wants to do .... but ...

I don't care how much he's worked out, 39 is too old for a running back. I work out too, but there's no way I would put my 39 year old ass in the line of those mid 20s linebackers ... its a recipe for disaster. 39 year old QB ... maybe, 39 year old kicker ... no problem, 39 year old running back? No.

Stay retired Milly, don't tarnish the image of The Diesel with another lame comeback attempt.