I have to ask what others are thinking Is coach Miller up for the job? ,For three years Ive shook my head at the decision making process. Our family jokes each game about how he looks like he dosent know whats going on,or even what town he in. He has the best tallent in the CFL where offence is concerned, but cannot make decisions. His style of he can hang on and win isnt cutting it. I have noticed we only play as good as the team were playing (except for the Calgary game),last night we matched the ESKS on the field what a snore of a game. When were winning he can sneek one through but when were loosing wow cant make a decision. Any one eltse feel that by the end of the third quater durant didnt have it and it was time for Dinwiddie to take a shot. Hall switched them back and forth and it worked. Lastly Prechae Rodrigues why on earth do we take tha ball out of proven recivers hands and put it in his hands. I beleive you get the ball when you prove yourself. Our coaching staff asks Durant to thread the needle to this guy who isnt very open so ge gets more game time catches. Against B.C. Dressler. got one pass and i dont think he caught it, last night Fantuz one catch that just makes no sense. What have we got Clermont dooing, special teams tackling. He may have slowed down but he can still hall in the 10 to 20 yard pass because he is taller than the rest and climbes the latter for them.

Personally, I would have taken Durant out of the game in the second Quarter.. it was clear then that his head wasn't into the game. Maybe he should have taken the time off in the bye week... when it comes to analyzing and critiquing yourself, you can overdo it.. and maybe he did that this time around.

I think Miller is a good head coach, and the players play hard for him. There hasn't been a whole lot of games in the time he's been here that the team has taken off like last night. He probably has one of the best winning percentages by a Riders coach all time, tough to doubt him after 1 bad game.

You have got to be kidding - where do you think we are Winnipeg or BC? Slogging the HC after one bad loss? We are still all alone in 2nd place. The key to a good coaching staff is to how your team reacts after a game like the last one. I don't think we will see a performance like that for the rest of the season.

You don't pull your starter in a close game like that unless you are the Eskimos and have had the kind of season they have had. We have seen many games when Durant was struggling and then in the 4th quarter lights it up to win the football game. To mature as a starter Durant has to play through the rough times as well as the good. So I think anyone questioning Miller's decision - acutually I don't think he even would have thought about pulling DD - is out of line.

what they need to do is simplify the offense a little.

Things are getting too complicated and it is forcing Durant to make mistakes.

What they need to do is to stop trying to force plays to Rodriguez .

Bomber fan here. I'm with you dusty, Miller is right up there with Trestman as far as best coaches in the league go. And pulling Durant for Dinwiddie?!? You're best chance to win is with Durant in the game. You just have to hope he plays thru the rough patches. All I know is as a Bomber fan I'd rather face the riders with Dinwiddie than Durant :smiley:

Anyway, good luck on Labour day guys! I'd love to see the Bombers take it but don't think that's very likely :frowning:

Cool thats what I was looking for I respect all your opinions thats why I asked.I know it feels like one bad game but theres been a few more than just the one bad game the grey cup I remember reading how our players said the game was lost long before the end of the game we played hang on football for the whole second half instead of hammering harder for the score. the next game was calgary, yes we were loosing but not bad,at six min to go with 3rd and one at mid field we punted basically telling calgary we give up we cant catch you then they really pounded us. Hamilton game a win but had no hope in hell of stopping bruce we just hung on decided no double team for bruce they cant catch us, that one worked. The edmonton game I blame on the offensive coordinator, and no Im not calling for Kens head in sask we will never fire a coach with a winning record we have had loosing records way to long and the players love him. Im saying we got way to much tallent to play hang on football or spend the whole game throwing to the new wide reciver to get him up to speed with the other recivers. We have great talent thats why we can still make very odd decisions and win. Its not all Ken its the boys on the field,that goes for the wins and the loss in edmonton.

I guess the positives is that the defense has improved immensely since the start of the season. The negatives are that I think the offense is getting worse every game. We seem to be in constant limbo, there really hasn't been a game where both have played good. They both played terrible against Calgary.

Miller is a thinker. On the sidelines, he seems very reflective and he looks like he is trying to think several plays ahead. I don't know how much of the offense he calls or is it Berry who makes the calls? Gotta give Charles a chance somehow and the offense just needs to play. Don't try to bring someone (Prechae) into the fold and sacrifice your whole game for that. Use your receivers. Remember when Fantuz got benched for the dropsies in his first season? It turned his career around. Durant has to get more accurate. Dressler and Fantuz are underused!! I can't believe I'd ever say that! Go back to what works.

I think Miller is one of the best coaches in the league and he he will help the Riders get better in the most important part of the season. Although I really don't see a problem with pulling Durant when he's way off his game I understand why he was left out (there was a good reason, he never quits).
I won't sit here and say Clermont should be a way bigger part of this offense but I think Saturday would have been a perfect time to get him involved in the game. Durant was struggling and not on target so why not put out a guy who will do everything in his power to prevent interceptions and make big catches. He could have sparked the team with a big catch over the middle.

I truly think our problem is that we're getting too complicated on offense AND they're giving Durant too much freedom.