As usual I can never make up my mind about Ken Miller. Is he an idiot or a genius? When I heard that Miller was planning on pulling Durant my reaction was WTF, here we go again! I posted a rather negative comment regarding Miller and was in a bit of a fume all day Friday. In retrospect it seems like it was the perfect thing to do. Okay, let's look at it with hindsight. Duran'ts confidence has been waning because of playing behind a leaky o-line. I think Durant lost pespective and let the issue begin to dominate in his mind. Miller thinks Jyles will be less intimidated and will go hell's bells if given the chance. He very shrewdly deduces that for Durant standing on the sidelines watching Jyles go all out, the o-line problem will begin to diminish. Durant goes back into the game with a much different perspective. BTW, kudos to Jyles for comming into the game under difficult circumstances and doing a very good job!

I'm still sure about Miller either. He has, in my mind, made some ridiculous decisions. He is also getting some results though. I think his lack of HC experience is the issue. I guess we'll see at the end of this year whether we should maintain his services or not.