Miller was the Problem all along

I think after analysing the season.

Miller is the problem, or I should say WAS the problem.

he did things his way. he kept guys like Cates around, refused to allow anyone to suggest changes.

he is the one who Allowed Vega to go to Winnipeg, Williams and Thigpen to Hamilton, he forced the Riders to trade Charles to the Eskimos.

he was a stubborn old man who did things his way.

now that he's gone this team can actually make the moves required to get back to winning. like get some decent defensive players, find a Running back that will be effective. find a new better 2nd String QB.

Miller was made to look like the saviour, hero when he left by the Media when in fact he was cause of our issues.

...I assume you have proof and sources to back up your accusations? If so, great - let's see 'em.

what do you think? none of this has visible proof man.

but come on think about it? who was the guy who made the final decisions?

he was the one who let those players go. he was the one who decided to keep Charles off the field and Cates in the game.

he was the one who played Fred Barnes one game and then back out.

like is it that obvious?

First of all, don't call me "man" - thanks.

Your word choice is quite heavy for a person with no proof. Refused? Stubborn? Forced? C'mon, "man"...even you must realize if you have no proof at all then there are easily other alternatives. IMO, Miller was part of the problem, but the entire issue?

well no Hopson had something to do with it too.

right I forgot you aren't one.

Miller caused a lot of the issues on the field. Hopson helped that out by hiring Taman and putting him in the spot he was in. Plus firing Tillman.

"Man" let the Tillman firing go. If you want to blame anybody for the Tillman firing, blame Eric "hip-thrust" Tillman himself.

Wasn't it Hopson who fired Tillman? IIRC Miller was only HC, not head of football operations till last year. And was he even HC when Tillman was let go? Might have been his first year? Miller wasn't the problem.

I loved Charles, but he seen something we didn't in him, all the decisions would have came from Taman, and Miller would have basically said yay or nay. He wasn't allowed to go out and trade people, maybe make suggestions, but doing it was all Taman and Miller just ok'd the deal.

so you think it was worth the province spending 300,000 just for a complete discharge?

Opps an edit on my post, I didn't really read all of Cfl's original post, just saw the quoted part and assumed he was talking about Miller firing Tillman, my bad.

Yes Miller was HC when ET was left.

When the Riders struggled in 2009 he, as HC, went the Berry and basically ran his old playbook for 3 games. 3 games in which the Riders excelled. Same thing happened with Lapo. Miller was the one stabilizing force over a 4 year span. His ability to lead brought the team to the GC 2 of 3 years. Miller has a great offensive mind, it is a pity he could not stay on as OC to train someone.

IMO Millers greatest downfall was his inability to bring in a few of the right assistants, and the inability to let glaring issues go. Daley was a prime example. He should have been fired mid season.

His second big problem was his inability to let go and allow Marshall to run his team. He should have been in the bleachers at practices.

As far as the player personnel goes, as stated, hey was the yay/nay guy...not the guy making the moves.

Williams was let go because they already had solid guys in place and could not afford that salary for a guy who was only going to split duties...are you suggesting they should have sat Simpson to play Williams?

Thigpen had a really poor training camp, and was actually 2 spots out on the depth chart from making the squad. You only have 2 weeks to asses a rookie...this type of thing happens every year! Vega...I will take Shologan in his place thankyou....he is better, and Canadian. Vega is getting a lot of his stats because others are doubled up on...much like Baggs did via Chick (note Baggs had 5 sacks this season...not worth the price). don't get me wrong, both great players, but both were in the right situation.

Cates suffers primarily from an imbalanced offense that does not pay much attention to the running game. Should the Riders have let the 2nd all-time Rider RB go at 31 years old...give your head a shake. Who was his successor at the beginning of the season...nobody!

Miller had little to do with any of this. Don't get me wrong, I did not agree with having 2 roosters in the hen house, but all of this is not one man's fault...there are plenty that need to share the burden.

well, there is nothing that points to him.

and Williams was better...

I think Cates has lost a step or two.

we have a lot of aging players and we need to get younger.

But signing new guys wasn't Miller's job. I agree we need to get younger, but as far as MLB goes, I wasn't unhappy with Simpson's performance these past two years. In all honesty, I didn't like Williams that much at MLB, all of his tackles were after the guy ran 10 yards, he was never filling the hole, always chasing IMO.

yes true, Williams was doing that often.

I think if we can find some "Sherritts" or "Cox's" to fill our defensive holes we'll be fine.

For our LB's, I think we have some studs on the roster right now, some are free agents this year though. I like Freeman, might be back though, Kye Stewart, I don't know what it is about him just have thought highly of him and Freeman since they were just ST players a few years ago, then that Graham(SP) kid looked good. We need to go after one or or two good LB in the draft, I don't know how much longer Mike will be around. Lucas, I think we made the wrong decision keeping him and letting the other two go, although I don't know the whole story with that either. Simpson has been good for us, but is getting up there in age, if he sticks around it should be with a reduced salary and more of a mentor type player, not sure if he is the type of guy to do that though as I think he still has one or two good years left and probably wants to try out every option before settling down to mentor.

All-in-all I think our LB's should be ok if we can bring in a couple new guys this off-season and keep most of the guys we have on roster. We need to start thinking one more interior lineman, and one stud rush end. I have a feeling Baggs may come available this off-season in a trade, but they may ask a lot for him, and I'm not sure he is worth a good NI player. We need one good cover DB then I think we will be ok with the guys we have as well.

The team does need to get younger, but if you look at some of the moves made you will see that they are doing are a few from the roster, never mind those on negotiation lists and what not.

  • Zack Evans - 1990 - DT - (a fair amount of hype on him, and he is from Regina)

  • Roberto Davis - 1988(?) - DE - I don't know if he will be a star, but is a solid guy who will do well in short yardage, and has a history of blocking punts. It would be nice to be able to rotate fresh legs in and out on the line (like BC does...always been a fan of this on the DL)

  • Remond Willis - 1985 - DE (also can play LB) - didn't start great, but really seemed to gel about mid-way. Yeah, we would like to see him replaced with the next Bobby J or Chick, but again, a good player on the depth charts.

  • Mathieu Boulay - 1987 - DL - a NI, he he will not play a hole bunch on the line but is a solid teams contributor

  • Shomari Williams - 1985 - DE - a NI who is fully capable of starting or rotating. A solid pick-up.

  • Jeremiah Weatherspoon - LB - 1987 - this guy is a beast. Watch some of his will be impressed. I hope he gets into some action next year, because this guy seems to have a pile of upside potential.

  • Eddie Russ - 1987 - DB - I still believe this guy is going to be a star. I have liked him in the limited action he has received. Best of all, he appears to be able to play man well, and has the wheels to play loos guys like Eddie Davis and James Patrick...big comparison, but I feel it could be so.

  • Craig Butler - 1988 - DB - NI - I think he has established himself

  • Tristan Jackson - 1986 - DB - May have been the best pick-up by tanam...for sure the best FA signing...

  • Nick Hutchins - 1987 - OT - from Regina, and will likely be a stabling force on the line in the future.

  • Dan Clark - 1988 - OL - from Regina. the Riders have been fortunate enough to be able to keep this guy on the PR as a Jr w/o using him as a PR spot or under cap. This has put some extra cash in his pocket while he played for the Thunder, and will increase his loyalty down the road, which is great because he should be a top caliber lineman in time. He will likely get some game time in the 2012 season in limited capacity.

  • Alexander Krausnick-Groh - 1989 - C - perhaps a little small for a center, but he was a CIS all-star and there will surely be a place for him with the club. Never hurts having some standby Canadian talent for the OL.

  • Patrick Neufeld - OL - another great prospect out of the province, Neufeld, one would think, will become a starter

  • Jordan Sisco - 1988 - WR - not a great first season, but time will tell if the local product, a last minute cut from the Colts 2 years back, will be a keeper.

  • Cary Koch - 1986 - WR - love watching this guy...solid WR...very dependable.

  • Freddie Barnes - 1986 - WR - haven't seen him play in the CFL yet as he was a late addition, but lets see...holds the record for NCAA-I/II receptions, broke Randy Moss's NCAA single season yardage record. His knocks are he is 5-11 and lacks some speed...but he still holds records, so height be damned, and the motion in the CFL and wide field makes up for a bit of speed...can't wait to see him play.

  • Brandon West - 1987 - RB - well, ,most seem to think he has some good potential...I am undecided at this point, but I will bow to many other posters lead on this one

The club has a lot of up and coming talent on the roster...they are just awaiting their turn, and some of that is going to start in 2012. If you total up the Riders ages, the team on average was born in 27. That number will be coming down a bit next year with a few of the Sr guys call it 26...that will mean an average of 4-5 years of CFL experience....yeah, some of the core guys are older, but you can also see that replacements are in the system.

exactly, Williams was expendable...for the price
As for picking up guys such as you mention...I think we already have them in guys like Weatherspoon.

I agree, there are some good LBs in place. As far as Simpson goes...he never missed a beat this season. Would love to see him back. He is 34...he could go another season or 2 if he chooses.

Stevie Baggs...making 100K+ a year...pass

As far as drafting a LB, a lot of that will be figured out once they know what is happening with Freeman.