Miller time! Roster moves

Couple of minor roster changes to get things going under the new Miller era:

Dexter Davis Jr and Wesley Pendleton let go.

Joe Sheffield brought back. Joe Sampson a new DB.

First of what could be many.

Sandro De Angelis working out with the Bombers after practice today.

They should find a replacement for Renaud while they're at it; tired of all the singles every time he tries to angle it out of bounds.

DeAngelis officially signed to the PR, may even play on Friday vs the Cats.

And the assistant GM gets a trial at the GM position.

I have mixed feelings on the kickers. When your O is playing as bad as they have been, a lot more pressure is put on the kickers. These are two good kickers who may mature if not always being relied on to alleviate the field position that the O put them in. Changing too many things at the same time isn't always a good idea.

Good luck with that whiner as yer kicker!!! Hows the wind direction situation in your new park by the way????

If Mr Every excuse in the book misses one or two you can rest assure that he'll be blaming the wind,or the holder,or that his shoe lace was untied etc etc

He was total crapola when he played for us and cost us at least 2-3 wins that season.He may come through for you guys..........But I doubt it.......Wonder if he can play Q.B. ???? In all seriousness I'm hoping you get things straightened out in the Peg and soon!!!!! You fans there deserve so much better than the 3 ring circus that's been ongoing all season.Being a Cat fan I can sympathise with you believe me,going through a stretch from 05-08 when we won a grand total of 15 games in a 4 year stretch,wasn't fun at all and I wouldn't wish that on any team.......except for maybe Tor. and Mtl. :lol: :twisted:

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. The Lions organization was in tatters as well, until Braley hired Buono, and now they're as solid as can be. Bombers need to find the right people and let them do their jobs, draft well especially, and everything will be fine. Finding the talent to catch up with all the other teams shouldn't take too long.

Hopefully, we can try a field goal outside the 40 yard line one day soon. Now if they can come up with a punter before the apocalypse.......

Could you imagine Dales and DeAngelis working together again ? :lol:
That would be one of the most bizarre stories of the year.

Would indeed like to see them pick up Dales; couldn't possibly be any worse than Renaud. Always thought maybe the Bombers kept him around to save money on construction costs, but now that the stadium is built......

....Sometimes it takes someone looking over their shoulder and seeing things aren't so secure, to enable them to find their game...Mr. Palardy and Renault better have a good look....De Angelis could get the nod and after watching our 'not so special' teams play this year, I can understand why he was brought in and he most likely won't be the only possible change on the horizon..... :wink:

Craig Dickenson coached DeAngelis in Calgary and Saskatchewan. If it was his decision to bring in DeAngelis then I reserve judgment on this move.

And according to Bob Irving, DeAngelis will be playing on Friday.

A day after Burke lets the offensive coaches pick their QB he's now allowing Dickenson to call in a kicker for himself? Hope every coach doesn't get to put in special requests. Seriously though, if Dickenson was not happy with Palardy and wanted to bring in competition for the job then I"m fine with that. I don't think they've had much confidence in Palardy over the last couple of years and if DeAngelis beats him out in competition then so be it. It sounds like the competition is pretty much even at this point. The problem is though they haven't been competing inside the confines of IGF where the winds will swirl more than they do on the field they're been practicing on. Going back a couple of seasons DeAngelis struggled mightily at IWS because of their winds so what's the going to look like when it comes to actually kicking it inside IWS. He seemed to be a bit of a headcase and I'm not sure if he'll handle the real deal. Plus he just hasn't come close in his last few years to matching what he did in Calgary. Is he an upgrade over Palardy? I'm not so sure this is an upgrade so much as it's a lateral move. Time will tell

Darren Cameron makes it official:

Darren Cameron @Darren_Cameron

Sandro DeAngelis will kickoff and do field goals this week vs @Ticats #Bombers

Chris Garrett released today. Very unfortunate injury likely ended what could have been a solid career in this league; wish him luck.

Tough break for Chris...He was struggling at the beginning of tc and I don't think that today he's a 100 percent....Best of luck to the guy ...He really liked it in the Peg and if it weren't for the fact we have a lot of depth at the running back spot (Ford ,Volney) then I think he'd still be in bluengold.... Vega was released down south and the Bombers have placed a call,reminding him he'd be welcomed back should he decide to return to the CFL...We'll have to wait and see on this one :roll:

In addition to Garrett, the bombers have also released DL Marquis Frazier and DB David James.

They really needed the depth on Dline early in the season. Now both Dexter Davis Jr and Marquis Frazier released on back to back days. Burke was non committal on Vega when asked about him returning after the Patriots released him, maybe this is opening up some space for his return?

Walters said he has already touched base with Vega. Vega is going to take a few days to figure things out but he would like to come back to Winnipeg.

That could be very well what is happening but Vega most likely wait to see if any other NFL team picks him up.
In the meantime there are plenty of other NFL free agent DEs that will become available the new front office should be working 24/7 looking at potential NFL free agents who may have completed their rookie contract years last year and/or have exhausted all of their NFL PR eligibility. The riders and the cats have found a couple of these gems but you have to be looking

Bringing Vega back should be a low priority as that's one of the few areas on the team that looks fairly solid. Maybe trade his rights for a pick; never struck me as anything special while he was a Bomber.