Miller time is over

Miller announced today that he is retiring from football after the last game in Edmonton. All the best to coach Miller and his family. Maybe he can do some scouting down in USA for team green.

Classy individual.
Too bad he has to go out like this because he's a good football man.

The overhaul has started

Not surprised, he was reluctant to step in at all. I suspect he knew all along he was only going to finish out the season and this just makes it official. Too bad he couldn't take a GC ring as a head coach with him. At least he was on a couple of winners.

After what he did to Greg Marshall. I can't feel sorry for him at all. Funny how life works sometimes. Even at 70 you still learn things.

nah he will retire as in go sit in a chair on the farm day after day

Once the season is over Riders will announce Eric Tillman as Vice Presidents operations and move Hopson over saying he needs to focus on preparing the Grey Cup 2013. That will give them a year or two to sort things out with Hopson and calm the mob. I think its been in the works for a while...


Why do you have to "feel sorry" for someone who is retiring??

Retirement is a choice

Doesn't Eric Tillman already have a job, which he got when he had to leave Saskatchewan?


I think that you just put all of the football names in a hat and grabbed one. ET will not be back in Regina while Jim Hopson is in charge. That I can guarantee.

But this thread is about Miller.

Thank you Grandpa Miller for your hard work and incredible class, you will be missed.

"What do Riders do? RIDE"

Enjoy your retirement Ken

First I'm not a fan of Tillman but lets move on to your point, Hopson is not in charge, he's accountable to the board of directors. They decide what is responsabilities are and they can change them anytime they want, if they want to reshuffle responsabilities he can either accept it or quit. Think he would ?

From what I've been able to piece together Taman is staying on at GM so the simple thing is to place someone in charge of football operations (replace Miller) that can work well with Taman.

Everything points to Tillman who is still living in Regina, seen having lunch with board member as recently as last week. While Hopson may have his own plan in the end the Board of Director signs his cheque and whoever signs your cheque is your boss.

Everything points to Tillman except Hopson, so we'll have to see. The only other guy who is qualified and available might be Tom Higgins.

To be honest I think Hopson would quit before he worked with Tillman again. And I think the media poop storm and the polarization of fans on Tillman would be too much of an issue that the board would never do this. While I agree that technically the board is in charge, Hopson is the CEO and President, so he does have a lot of pull (for example enough pull to basically force ET to resign). I for one would be extremely upset if the pissant, as FYB calls him, was back running the show. Also part of the problem of this year and last is that Taman was having to OK decisions with VP Miller. If Taman is back as GM I expect him to be given the full reigns of football ops. This year Taman was GM in name only, I would liken him more to Roy Shivers in BC.
And more importantly Eric Tillman has a job, I don't really think he is going to leave the gig he has in Edmonton.
Regardless it could be an interesting off season.

The problem with leaving Hopson in identical or near identical functions is that there won't be any coach who will put his carreer on the line in Saskatchewan. CFL is a small community and what was done to Marshall will haunt the Riders as long as Hopson is in function. I think you'd have a hard time getting Joe Paopao to take a job in Saskatchewan presently. No way a young talented coach like Milanovich or an established coach with a job is going to want to touch that with a ten foot pole.

Fish Bowl
Depleted team
Meddling egomaniac President

it will be an interesting season for sure. Just hope they make their moves quickly, big job ahead...

To get back on topic. Miller was a class act his entire time with the Riders he treated the players like adults and got the most out of everyone. He was only here a short time but in that time he made his way into the thoughts of most Rider fans and I wish him well in retirement.

We'll miss you Grandpa.

He was a class act as a coach, As a VP he was brutal, Hanging around the field while Marshall was trying to put his hand on the team and then replacing the guy he chose after half a season, crippling his carreer is not `CLASS.

Hopson is half the problem. he forced the team to get rid of Tillman, then he Hires Taman, not telling him that Miller was going to be HIS boss too.

it's ridiculous.

if anyone should resign, it should be Hopson.

No egomaniac ever quits the most visible position in his town and a 500k job. You have a better chance getting a M.A.D mother getting drunk with him and taking the wheel.

Hopson may not be the best but I hope you weren't saying that keeping Tillman would have been a good idea. He may be a good GM but taht would have been one hell of a cloud hanging over the team.