Miller stepping down?

An interesting article on Miller's future. If he does decide to step down, two names being thrown out are Doug Berry and Richie Hall. Yikes. :lol:

I highly doubt either one will be HC.

....with just Taman running the show when (IF) Miller departs....i wonder who has got the inside track....Let's see....i believe Doug Berry was hired as a head coach in another life by Taman .......hmmmmmmmm :wink:

The article says he's contemplating not coaching. Miller would still be Taman's boss as Vice-President of Football Operations.

.....oh well then......i believe it was Miller and Taman who hired Berry :wink: also they commented in an article they were quite satisfied with the current staff....Does this mean the riders already have their man if Miller goes orrrrrr are they just 'back-patting' for the sake of morale....Guess we'll see after the Cup... :wink:

And who was it that then fired Berry a couple of seasons later ?

He wasn't fired. He resigned. :wink:

Hmm, not my recollection Chief. . .

Yeah, I was just messin around. Little bored over here, not gonna lie. :lol:

.....chief is right MadJACK.....don't you remember how he was going on about how burnt-out' he was (guess his napkin supply was running low) and that he needed a break from football...Bauer said okay and called the professor :lol:

You know what would make a great Christmas gift (hope you’re reading this, Cohon)? A Sounds of the Game CD featuring Mike Kelly. :smiley:

....i believe it's being handled 'internally' as we speak :rockin: next question please

You misunderstood me papa. . . I was not asking about Taman. . . yes he resigned. .. my question was regarding Berry.

Taman hired Berry. .. who fired Berry 2 seasons later?

.....sorry MadJack :oops: .... ooops thought you were referring to Taman....Yes Berry was fired by Taman/Bauer and then re-hired in Sask. by Taman and Miller....This sure gets to be a convulted merry-go - round sometimes :lol:

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Berry, Pllleeeaaasssseeeee!

That was Bauer. Taman's on record as saying he was against firing Berry.

As I would be too. Berry's a good coach.

Rider fans need to let go of Austin and their nothing can live up to the ONE TIME Coach who took them to a game they won (for the third time in a hundred years) against someone making their first CFL start... who incidentally is now their backup, lol.


I'm not a huge fan of the names being tossed around, but Kent Austin was a good coach. It was a 12-6 team which had been mediocre for decades, and he took them to the next level. I'd take him back, even if he never quite lives up to that one year.


This is the conversation about this that's been going on. Lotsa good stuff there.

I say, Miller needs to stay. If Taman takes us to Grey Cup, he can stay too.

I, for one, am not stuck on Austin. Austin did a good job, no question, but he isn't coming back. Neither is Tillman, no matter how many fans pine for his return. (This is bad news for some, good news for others...he is quite the polarizing figure)

So, looking forward rather than backward, if Miller does retire from coaching and limit himself to the head office, the Riders need to find someone. I, personally, think there are better coaches available than Berry to assume the HC role.

Dave Dickenson has been mentioned in other threads, and I like that idea. I'm not convinced that Hall was as bad as people think, and he may grow into the HC job. (Remember Ron Lancaster's first few years as a coach, and look at how he turned out in the end) I would CERTAINLY take Hall back as DC! I don't hate Berry, particularly, but I do feel that his offensive scheme ideas are largely incompatible with the skillset offered by Darian Durant. That's where I think Dickenson would be a good fit. Maybe Miller could agree to stay on for 1 yr, and name Dickenson OC, with a guarantee that Dickenson would be HC the following year?

I would also like to see a new Special Teams coach. Daley is as useful as D-cups on a nun! Maybe we could poach O'Shea from TO? I wonder if Eddie Davis would come back as an assistant coach on D, and work his way up the ranks. Does Etch know anything about ST? If so, Hall as DC, and Etch running ST could also work.

There are lots of solutions out there that work. I just don't think that Berry as HC is one of them.

Regarding Taman, it's no secret that I was horrified that they hired him.
He has a history of running losing teams.(strike 1)
He is also on record, apparently, as liking Berry as HC.(strike 2)
He has not shown an aptitude for finding young Canadian talent in the draft (strike 3)

Even if they win the Grey Cup, I still don't like the hire. I'm sure he is not totally incompetent, but I just think that there are better GMs out there, is all. I'd like the Riders to find one.