Miller new head coach for riders

I can see your point, but the thing is, if Joseph does not come back , we will have to go with Crandell, and that is the reality. I have always said that we should be developing a young QB, and not have him hold a clipboard for the better part of 5 yrs.

A few things about that Crandell led Stampeder team.
First, that was, I believe, the worst team, possibly ever, to win the Grey Cup.
They beat the Marvin Graves led Riders 4 times that year.
That means they were 4-10 against the rest of the league.
The Rider team that won last year, is considerably stronger than that Stampeder team was.
So while losing KJ may cause some difficulties, picking them for last seems a bit over the top.
Or let me put it this way, as a guy with the alias DoubleBlue, you should understand my point--Michael Bishop was the worst starting QB in the league last year, discounting the turmoil we call the Ti-Cats.
And yet the Argos finished 1st?
Not possible!
Yet there it was.
In BC, DD goes down, Buck goes down. JJ, who up to that time hadn't been even as good as Marcus Crandell goes in and the Lions finish first setting a franchise record for wins along the way.
Not possible.
Yet there it was.
In Winnipeg, Kevin Glenn was the weak link.
No good, unproven.
Second place, Grey Cup appearance.
How can that be?
Meanwhile, Ricky Ray misses the play-offs 2 years in a row.
Henry Burris and Calgary were supposed to be unstoppable. Instead, 7-10-1 and can't win a play-off game to save their lives. Montreal, with Anthony Cavillo looks like he is a guy nearing the end of his career.
How can all of these things be possible in a world where, if the Riders must go with Marcus and some young kids, they are doomed to finish last?

Simply put, I think the Riders have plenty of room to improve this year, not fall backwards.
And Marcus, while no world beater, has proven that he is capable of winning in this league.
Combined with some young talent, champing at the bit to play, if we lose KJ, the Riders will be okay in 2008.
I don't see us as preseason favourites anyway, so lets play the games and see.
I still see us as a solid pick for second this year.

You guys must of missed the western final in
Edmonton, where Crandell and the boys threw out
the 6 pack and had Edmontons D so confused they
didnt know what hit them.

The game was over by the half, team played its
best ball at the right time of the year.

Well coached, and motivated.....but you go ahead
Arius and continue to believe they were the worse
ever......its not terribly shocking, coming from you.

eskylo, Arius has a spin for everything. :lol: :lol:
My feeling is this puts RH in a better position to become HC of the riders eventually on two fronts. One if Miller fails it would be a no brainer to slide RH into the position. Miller is 66 yrs young how long can he keep coaching for. This was a very good move for Tillman at this time. The only problem when the time comes will Richie Hall be known to him and become a friend.

I agree with you on that one, 05. That is the one negative in the hiring of Miller, his age. Its that very reason I would have been disappointed if the Riders had hired Dave Ritchie. He may be a great coach, but how long before he retires from coaching altogether?

You are likely correct.
I am terribly confused.
With an 8-10 record going into the game, they were problably the greatest team in the history of the league.
Which likely explains why they followed up in 2002 with a 6-12 year, and 2003 with a 5-13 season, missing the play-offs both years because they were just so damned good!!
Being only the second team in history to win the Cup with a losing record in the regular season definately marks them as one of the truly great teams ever to win the Cup.
Interestingly enough, the Lions were the first ever just the year before.
But they at least had the decency to return to the play-offs the next year.
No one will argue they played their best ball at the right time. They had one hell of a run.
No one can deny they won. 2001 Grey Cup champs!!
But that was not a particularly good football team.

Sorry if you can't handle the truth!!

Let me add this.
Calgary has 5 cups, I believe.
Rank that 2001 champ just among your own winners--I am sure it will be your choice as the best in Stamp history.
Or will it be the worst?

Of course in your rush to rescue your beloved team from the scap heap of history, you and 05 both completely ignored the purpose of my post.
No surprise there.

Hope that post doesnt bite you in the @ss this fall

I'll leave the rankings up to you, but i must say
that 01 victory was sweet.

Winnipeg thought they only had to show up to win.

Eskylo that was a sweet win! It must have been a glorious momment for Arius as well. He keeps reminding us of that GC and he knows all the details. I think he is a closet Stamp fan. :lol:

Yeah such a sweet win for you but such turmoil for me :s

Water under the bridge now, somebody tell this season to hurry up already!

The bombers number is going to come up eventually.

How can this post bite me in the ass this fall?
you go ahead and save it, and in November, you bring it back and explain it to me.

Being the underdog and winning is sweet.
Often sweeter than being the favourite.
Doesn’t change anything I have said by even the tiniest bit.
I don’t know how to break it to you guys, but this is a sports forum.
One of the things that often gets debated on a sports forum is something like which team was a great team which team was not, etc., etc.

If you guys think your 2001 team was
all that, good for you!!
I am thrilled you think it was better than your 1971 team, or your 13-5 team that won, or your 12-0 team, etc.
Or here would be something really novel.
Give me an example of a team that you think was not as good as your 2001 team, that went on to win the Cup.
And how that affects the Riders hiring Miller.
Discussing Crandell and his potential based on his past history, which like it or not, was winning the Cup with Calgary was 100% on topic.
You guys are not.

And 05, I apologize if actually having knowledge about more than just my own team offends you somehow.

Arius no offense taken but I find your knowledge of the Stamps fasinating. Again I will get you red and white pom poms. I noticed you lumped me in with eskylos opinion of the stamps 2001 being the best team another example how you twist posts into your meek little world. Oh sorry that was insulting was it not! :lol: I slipped!

Slipped. Right.
Lumping you and Esklo together seemed appropriate given your near carbon copy responses and support for each other.
The game we are talking about is only from 6 years ago.
I imagine many fans can tell you a fair bit about it.
Of course I also know that the first .500 team to win was Winnipeg, and Winnipeg was the first Western team to win the Grey Cup.
I can also tell you Edmonton was the first Western team to even challenge for the Grey Cup.
Having a foundation of knowledge when discussing a topic can be useful.
You should try it sometime.

Anyway, are you done hijacking this thread, or do you have more?
Actually discussing the point I made rather than picking out one piece and trying to turn this into yet another Stampeder vs. Rider thread might have some merit.

Ya run Arius run!
Whats to talk about? Miller I believe it is a good chooice out of what was left after every good candidate ran for their lives.


oh yah and ummmm ritchie would have been a better hire

Lord only knows what you are talking about here.
Other than of course spreading your usual nonsense.
Miller was the best choice out of a number of very good candidates.
Shouldn't you be on the golf course trying to hire your next coach?

Hey thats better the n hiring one away from Dunkin Donuts! :lol: :lol:

I think you are slowly starting to lose your sanity. Now excuse me while I go buy some donuts.

Hmmm I thought you would have to be wearing green to lose that

Unlike the Stampeders who hire a new coach/GM before the old ones are fired or demoted? Yeah, that looks real good. Funny how that works, the Stampeders are so afraid of doing a search they have to hire the first one that shows any interest, even if the old coach has no idea of what is happening behind his back. Seems to me that the reporter who broke this story was right in doing so.