Miller new head coach for riders

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I like it!

Good job Eric.

I'm happy for Ken Miller. He did a good job in Toronto the first four years. Then they moved him to the DL to make room for Carpenter which didn't impress me. I think he was a better OL coach than Carpenter.
He is 66 years old though, just a couple of years younger than Dave Ritchie.
But best of luck to him.

...i feel sorry for ol' Ritchie Hall....he seems to be an 'also ran'...just like Greg Marshall of the Bombers....maybe they just do a bad interview...though in Halls case you'd think the team would have given him the job because of his great record with the Riders..I wonder, if he had another shot at the Als. staff... if he would be moving along :roll:...seems all coaching positions are pretty well settled for 08 and everyone is happy :wink:

Well not completely settled, we now need an Offensive Co-ordinator. Most likely Gibson or LaPolice will take over that, and then a new assistant will be hired.

I don't really know much about Miller. I'm gonna take the wait and see approach. I don't doubt he is qualified, the players seem to think highly of him for sure.

I wanted Hall. Disappointed. Just heard Miller speak for 1st time. Must admit this though. I was impressed.

I feel bad for Hall, I bet he leaves Regina real soon, he needs a break for sure.

Toronto's head coach leaves and they put in a Defensive coordinator as head coach -> Rich Stubler

Sask's head coach leaves and they put in the offensive coordinator -> Ken Miller instead of the D-coordinator.

Whose team has the better Coach

I am perfectly happy with Ken Miller as coach.
ET interviewed 12 different candidates that covered a wide range of talents and attributes and in the end, it became clear that promoting from within made the most sense.
While Richie Hall was the sentimental favourite among fans, sentiment needs to stay on the sidelines in these types of decisions.
Hall is only 47 years old and he will have other opportunities to be a head coach. Maybe still with the Riders in a few years.
I see no obvious reason why this will cause Richie to leave, as he doesn't seem like the kind of guy to take offence to this or hold a grudge.
But you don't promote a guy just because you are afraid he will leave.
You hire the best person for the job, and move forward regardless.

So congratulations to Ken Miller.
Go Riders go!!

But I wanted Richie Hall . . . The man deserves it . . .

Well, what's done is done, and I can't change it. But if Tillman doesn't sign Dominguez and Davis in the coming week, I want him out. Don't care what he has done in the past . .

I suspect this is a good hire....will need to wait and see.

I wonder if this had been November and not February if he would have been annoited. I suspect the two conditions, can't change the offense direction and the can't change the coaches made the search a little more difficult. But not impossible.

Sounds like he has a lot of experience with the game. Good luck to him and the Riders in 2008.

Miller should be a good choice.

They could hire Santa Claus and you would be impressed.

REally this is a good move for even Richie Hall. He can now sit back wait for his turn it is coming. Hiring of Miller with his age will be like an interm coach. Richie will go no where and bid his time.

I would have to say Toronto but Miller is a good choice as well. He has lots of experience and was with the team last year as is Stubler. But Stubler has been more high profile. Not many people know of Miller. He just might do a great job.

I think the big question for the Riders and Miller will be the status of Kerry Joseph. If he does sign with N.O. that's going to make it tough for Regina to even make the playoffs IMO. I think Edmonton just might rebound this year, Calgary will be tough and BC is still a very good football team. But there's always the crossover hope.

Just like Billy and mike, I will take and wait and see approach.

Santa did come early for the Rider nation, 05. Apparantely, all he left you was a lump of coal that was an early playoff exit, with an embarrassing coaching hire/fire to boot.

We have our coach, so now we need to focus on either getting KJ back, or finding another QB if he sticks with the Saints. I would like to see KJ back, but I believe Crandell can do the job as the starter. After all, he did do something that Hank has not done yet for Calgary-- lead them to a GC victory.

Sambo, in all respect to Marcus Crandell he had one good GC game. Can he do it again? I don't think so. Its Kerry Joseph or nothing for the Riders in the immediate future and I'm sure Tillman knows that better than anybody. Everybody else in the west has two QB's who can play. I don't see that in Regina. Marcus can get you through a couple of games here and there, but the whole season? The Riders are looking at last place.
Eric should have cut salary in other areas and left his QB alone.
So Rider fans should be hoping and praying that Kerry returns. I was as happy as any non rider fan that they won the GC last year. So I'm not trying to be smart, its just reality. :expressionless: