Miller In Serious Denial

How can Ken Miller say the Riders are a good team? A "GOOD" team has good players,a good coaching complement, and a good GM. We barely have one of those three. Other than Mike Scheper and Bobby Dice, and maybe Tom Freeman, we have garbage for coaches. Our GM is a LOSER and a huge embarrassment. Taman has brought in losers for new players and coaches. And we have a bunch of players who need to retire. Others who fail in basics like tackling. We cut a guy like Thigpen. We trade away Jonathon St. Pierre. We "low ball" Stevie Baggs who we desparately needed and could have aquired.
Ken Miller, stop being a spin doctor.Those of us who know what we are talking about refuse to accept your denial. It is far worse than your huge Bishop mistake!!!

I couldn't agree more with you stan. I didn't know a general manager could screw up a team so much in one year. Taman has to go before next year's season or we have a good chance at last in the west for years to come.

It is my understanding that the Riders have a unique situation in that Miller is the Head Coach and Vice President of Football Operations ,and that Taman is the General Manager who reports directly to the VP of Football Operations - Miller?
the coaching staff is traditionaly hired by the head Coach? as far as finding new players that is the resonsibility of the scouting system that is headed by Joe Womack who usualy brings in the players that the head coach needs and then it's up to the GM to sign them to a contract.
from what I am seeing none of this is happening so is it possible that the responsability of the dual role that Miller has is to much for him so that he can't do either properly?
as to the statement that we are a good team I say yes BUT we WERE a much better team earlier in the season and that the coaching staff has 3 weeks to the Western semi-final to bring the team back to were they were at the start of the season, and if it means dumping Daley to send a message to the rest of the team that if you dont produce or else is not Millers style of team management. and at this late of the season who takes over Daley's responsabilites ? Alex Smith as he has previously been the special teams cordinator in the past?

(protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs :twisted: and this is what we are NOT doing :oops: )

I am not 100% on this, but I believe Miller was made Head of Football Operations AFTER Tanam hired the ex-peggers. Tough to fire them after that…also, Miller has the final approval of GM decisions, BUT, he is still not GM. Tanam makes decisions and Miller gives it a yay no nay.

It amazes me that even the biggest armchair quarterback in Riderville can see what ails the Riders.....everyone except the Riders coaching staff!!!!!!!!!!

Our downward slide began when Tillman left. Now we're stuck with Taman and his Winnipeg cronies (One look at his track record in Winnipeg should tell you enough!)

Daley has always been a horrible coach and should be fired immediately. Same with Doug Berry. Every other team makes adjustments, adds players etc. except the Riders. All the fans get from Rider coaches is more excuses.

This year's Rider team is not a playoff threat at all.

Ya hit the nails dead on the head
Miller is the "players coach" they love playing for him(how many loved playing for him after "the PUNT")Players have lost confidence in coaches since that game on. During that game Miller let the other coaches make the decision for him. Same with Bishop Miller couldnt take him out Tillman had to get rid of him at end of year or he would still be here. I havent had nothing nice to say about Tamen but if he answers to Miller that starts explaining how we have made no changes to fix this slide.

Right you are Stan! It's also a matter of being able to win the games they are 'supposed' to win. It's tough enough going up against the stronger teams in the League without adding more losses to supposedly lesser opposition. Of course the obvious problems remain like special teams etc. The playoffs won't be getting any easier.