Miller hearing it, even from his family

I thought this was pretty funny.

[i]Ken Miller has taken a lot of criticism for his decision last Friday night to punt for the win against Calgary instead of trying a field goal, even from his own family.

"My sister lives in Oregon and she wondered 'What the heck were you thinking about,' " Miller said with a chuckle. "So she fits right in with the group."[/i]


Good on his sister, that decision was totally out to lunch unless you have zero confidence in your kicker. :cowboy:

Or too much confidence in your punter.

otoh, does his sister even know about the rouge :wink:

He was probably thinking of the big harvest, tis the season.


I CANNOT REMEMBER- WHO WON THE GAME ANYWAY? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :smiley: :smiley:

I just posted this on the Rider forum, but I'll do it again here, for fun.

To start with, I prefer the Field Goal option, and by a wide margin.

That being said, has anybody thought that maybe Miller decided that, in case of a miss, he would rather have the Punt Cover team on the field instead of the Field Goal team to prevent a TD return for a loss? It's way easier to duck and dive around O-Linemen than it is to beat Punt Cover.

Just a thought.

I still think the FG would have been the right call, but IF he was thinking along these lines, at least I could see his logic.

I thought about that, but congi isnt going to miss a 35 yd field goal lol

I agree.

I'm just trying to find some doubt to give Miller the benefit of. :smiley:

This Just In!

Ken Miller's Sister Hired as Special Teams Coach! :lol:

Maybe too many assistant coaches have been head coaches

Insider information has revealed that Ken Miller's call was a result of a malfunctioning hearing aid.

Miller: "Alright guys, field goal to win!"

Congi: "I'm your man coach, this will be easy"

Miller: "What's that Luca? your feeling queasy?"

Congi: "I'm fine coach!, from here it will be cake"

Miller: "You had some wine? and you're starting to shake?"

Congi: "No not at all coach, I'm feeling rock steady!"

Miller: "You want me to give the ball to Eddie?"
Congi: "Why would we do that? we're still in the hunt!"

Miller: "You're right, with you sick, we had better punt"

Congi: WTF?

I got this in an email. Too good not to share.

That wasn't bad. :lol:

My favourite quote:

"Martin: Hey I am American, I don't know proper CFL rules. Why did SSK punt to end regulation???

Stargazer_Girl: We're Canadian and we can't figure it out either Martin."

From the Friday Night Football Live Chat, via

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