Miller - Calgary # 40

What was with the punch to the back of Banks head from Miller # 40 after he ran back a missed field goal for a touch down. Did anyone ekse notice this? Was ne penalized?

I thought the same. At least an Unsportsmanlike or Objectionable Conduct. It was not a hard slap but it happened well after he crossed the goal line and went out of bounds. Again more questionable non calls by the officials. Should be at least a fine by the CFL after the fact.

Hey, he didn’t punch Zach Collaros in the back of the head, so no penalty or suspension. We noticed this as well and there was no penalty on the play.

He’s lucky he didn’t shove an official.

TSN commented that he was lucky to get away without a penalty on that play, but no other mention of it that I heard.

looks like he was being taunted and instead of doing offsetting taunting and slapping penalties it was properly ignored.

Yup…no doubt in my mind about that.

Illegal contact to the head.

2 games…right?

Taunting. I didn’t like either players’ actions. Banks does as Banks is. Rather awesome!!!

How many players celebrate a TD, and often by pointing out the guy he beat? How many retaliate by poking the celebrating player? Would he have done it if Speedy was surrounded by Ti-Cats? Probably yes to Speedy, no to #40 (who also just missed Likely III).

Unsportsmanlike penalty definitely IMO.