Miller and Dunigan- Effective Broadcasting Team

The Ti Cat game today was called by Miller and Dunigan. I hope these two are paired again and again as they were very good in today's broadcast of the Als TiCat game. They worked well together, complimented each others role well and I thought Dunigan had a wealth of football knowledge which was very appropriate in game changing situations. Miller and Dunigan certainly rate better than the broadcast of the team that has had great criticism from the fans this year. TSN- let these guys team up more, This broadcast team is excellent.

I really like them as a duo. Dunigan has the stones to provide legitimate commentary, not the bland, disingenuous twaddle that so frequently characterizes Black, Forde, Cuthbert, and Suitor. If he disagrees with a call or coaching decision, he'll say so. He criticized Kerry Watkins today for giving up on a play and selling a PI call, and I completely agree with him. Refreshing to have a colour commentator who actually provides colour. :thup:

Me three. No problems with them - not perfect but really entertaining.

Dunnigan kind of wanders off track sometimes in his commentary, but he's got a real passion for the game and it shows. He's fun to listen to.

Only downside to him doing games is that he's not on the panel.

yeah, good combo. As far as the panel is concerned, as much as I love seeing him on it, I would rather have 2.5 hours of good commentating that 1/2hour decent panel.

i wish they'd give miller and forde a try. i still fell that duo would be great.