Miles ready to play on Labour Day.

Miles Feels Hamstrung by Scott Radley.

"Now ready to get back into action on Labour Day against his old team, he says he's not 100 per cent but is healthy enough to start."

im not sure i want miles out there if he isnt 100 %. If he starts who will have to sit out?

With the emergence of Rodriguez and Mitchell, do we really need an import at WR?

I know, I know, CFL experience, blah, blah, blah but I think Obie has put together a young receiving corp with a ton of upside.

-Bauman (ok, it was Desjadins pick, but still, he hasn't been cut or traded)
-Woodcock (good solid vet)
-Giguere (hopefully he'll be here next year)

With these guys above, do we really need Miles? I honestly don't even miss him!!!!

I think we are developing a great receiving corp of young import and Canadians. I think we'll be okay with a vet like Woodcock.

Maybe it was the stretching he admittedly doesn't do much of.
I'm no doctor, but if I could make a suggestion ... Tony, try stretching a little more.

No DON'T stretch!! Just warm it up!
I know from being a runner myself, that you don't stretch before you run but you certainly stretch after a run.

Looks like Miles, Printers and Lumsden for Labour Day. I hope all three finish the game.

where did you get this info from? everything ive seen / heard says printers probably wont play and i havent seen anything on jesse.

I agree. In the spec today miles is still having h/s problems, jesse's ankle is heavily taped and casey is still having a sharp pain in his thumb.

This sounds like sick bay and not game day to me.

Scott Mitchell ?

Walker has played great in miles' absence, Rodriguez is our best deep threat, and with Chris Bauman theres the whole ratio deal.

And these guys are going to strike fear into the hearts of which defence?

An Argo-Cat fan

8 catces between them all
Our receivers have one total TD reception of more than 4 yards this year.
I think you are looking at this as a Ticat fan and not objectively.
We have the worst receiving talent in the league.
There is some potential, but it has not come to bloom yet.

I`m glad Miles is playing. We need him. He has great hands and we need the experience on our receiving corps.

Last night on CH sports, they talked to Printers and Taafe. Taffe said that that Jesse and Printers looked promising for Labour Day. Printers thumb is progressing good and there's 6 more days before Labour Day. Jesse shows no signs of favouring his leg.

Great news!

Thanks mikem!

I think I agree with your caution, but I don't agree that the Cats' receiving corps, as it currently stands, is the worst in the league. I think that "honour" goes to the blue team that is coming to Ivor Wynne on Monday. At least Hamilton hasn't had to resort to using a QB at WR.

if they take out mitchell thats fine with me. i just want to make sure they dont take out jo jo or rodriguez.

Believe me Printers and especially Williams would love to have Miles in the lineup .

Williams biggest problem is the way he handles blitzes . He hesitates to long before getting rid of the ball . With a blitz coming at you there has to be someone open . Our recievers being young dont seem to be able to find the soft spots or read blitz and try to be the " HOT " reciever .

This has been sorely lacking since Miles went down and the QBs will be more than happy to have him back . He is our Ben Cahoon , doesnt catch the long one very often but he does keep drives going on second and 7 , 8 , 9 or 10 .

As good as Walker looked he wasnt the reciever that we needed in the lineup to help us win .

The blue team receiving core has been set back by injuries. Sad to say, but Bruce, Johnson and Talbot outmatch every receiver on our roster. Tyler Scott has also been a pleasant surprise for the blue team.

That Argo QB turned receiver made the NFL as a receiver so he's not exactly chopped liver. The Argo receiving corps is significantly better than the Cats' receivers. The Cats don't have a game breaker like Bruce or Johnson who will be back from injury. Nor do they have a dependable Canadian like Talbot although Woodcock on his good days is close.