Miles Gorrell?

Not sure if I missed this anywhere in here...but I think I heard that Miles Gorrell is the new colour voice of the Cats.

Did I dream this?

8) Yes, you were dreaming again. :lol:
 Actually, Miles is the new colour voice for the Mac Murauders, on CHML broadcasts, along side of Ted Micheals.

Isn't his "day job" still with the enemy?

Miles Gorrell is the new Colour Commentator for all radio broadcasts of McMaster Marauders games. He has joined Ted Michaels on AM900 CHML. I heard them doing the recent game against the Queens Golden Gaels. Gorrell did a pretty good job. I look at it this way... at least they didn't try to bring back that annoying Tim Micallef or Jason Farr!

8) I believe that Gorrell was let go by the Argos, when Jim Barker took over this season.
8) That is what I already reported, 2 posts above !! :roll: