miles and thomas cut; morant and quinnie signed

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Can't disagree with these moves.

Quinnie played well in arena ball after we cut him loose, and Morant is a big, experienced target.

Great size for both receivers, and I like what Morant showed in TO. I really wish Miles all the very best, and I'm sorry it didn't work out.

More young receivers, but at least guys that have seen the Canadian game before. However, unlike last year there aren't quite as many starting spots open in the receving corps. I was initially thinking Flick might make a return to the Cats, but moves like bringing in young guys with a bit of experience, and the extensions to PR and CD, the more I think Flick will be an Argo.

Agree, I also hope Obie has some good DLinemen lined up. :thup:

Great moves. Tony Miles a great person, however often injured and well past his prime. Charles Thomas
what else can be said. A very inaffective import guard. The receivers - good height - speed. Looking forward to Porter hitting these guys deep downfield with Prechae as a decoy or primary look.

I think dumping all of these salaries is an indication that the Cats will be major players during free agency.

I agree and I also agree with the previous posters about us getting some more TALL GUYS at receiver :thup:

It's still early too!

Still looking for a solid Canadian receiver and some help on the lines. Hopefully the people above me are right in the fact that the Cats are going to make a push for some good talent in free agency.

I say yes to all 4 transactions!

The battle at receiver is heating up.
Add one more Canadian receiver to the roster (Giguere would be sweet) and I will be happy with the depth at receiver!

I liked what Morant showed last season with the Argos too & was puzzled as why he was cut. Glad to see him back in the CFL...even if it is with the hated 'Cats!!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, too bad Miles' better years were wasted on the blue team.

I wished we had never traed him in the first place.

What you did not like the return of Montford in our 1-17 season?

Good moves. The best move made yet: cutting Charles "Turnstile" Thomas. Very pleased.

As for Canadian receivers, we let that kid go back to school last year. Is he not graduating this year? I'd be very surprised if he was not on our roster this season after his camp/preseason last year.

The fact that Rempel is still on the team has me worried. Last year it seemed like he got more reps than Bauman.

I would expect that Obie is also going to make a free agent offer to hometown boy Dave Stala, to see if he can resurrect his career. I suspect the Als' are not going to re-sign him.

Dave Stalla has been out of the spotlight for at least 2 years. I would be suprised if he made the team or been offered a contract. Once again another case of his best years have passed him by - serious injury to his foot.

Gil, not being familiar with Morant, I'm curious to know what you liked about his performance?

We still have Laurent Lavine-Masse who show a lot of great things and even looked like one of the better receivers in camp before going back to school. He will be one more big bodied receiver and it will help our Canadian receiver depth.

As for Morant and Quinnie welcome to the club boys, I hope you guys shine in black and gold.

And to the releases of Miles and Thomas, It is sad to see Miles go but he had little to no effect on the field for us. Thomas was one of the guys who probably gave all of us a ton of high blood pressure lol. But they were two really nice guys off the field and I wish them nothing but the best. Good luck to both of you in your next step in life.

In the game in Edmonton, he turned a sure fire int into a long td pass by literally stealing the ball from Esk db Garret. I know one catch does not a career make, but a wr with size & speed like Morant possesses, deserved a longer look from an offensively starved team like the Argos were last season.

Great movies by Obie

8) Even though we all knew it was coming, the release of Tony Miles is undoubtedly the end of his career as a pro football player. He was so happy to be a TiCat again after all those years in Toronto. It's too bad his career had to end like this.
  A real nice guy, who I wish the best of luck to in his future endeavours !!       <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->