Milanovich to stay with Argos

[b]When a team sinks like the Argonauts did this season, the conventional wisdom is to raise the ship, inspect the damage and perform an overhaul. To team brass, however, there’s only tinkering required before pointing the Boatmen back out to sea for 2015. General manager Jim Barker and head coach Scott Milanovich are under contract for next season and will be back.

To illustrate his commitment to Toronto, Milanovich revealed he turned down another offer last year to stay put.
“A year ago I was offered a job for more years and more money,? the third-year Argo coach said, “but I stayed because I like it here. I like the lifestyle. I like the CFL. I like the city and I enjoy coaching the players.?[/b]

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Good on him! Obviously not working in an ideal or best situation but committed to his team, players and organization, with other options available. :thup:

I’m glad he’s staying. Last thing the Argos need is instability. They had a rough season, and were one game away from making the playoffs. It happens.

I am not sure about this, however now that he is staying we need to hire a real offensive coordinator and give him the duties to call the plays and not Scott.
His play selection and overall schemes have been horrid.

The team brass is completely correct here. The Argos don't need an overhaul, what they need is some better DBs and another rush D.Lineman to compliment Okpalaugo. When he's getting 11 sacks and the next player on the team is getting 5, that's a problem, and maybe tinker with RB. The offense isn't the issue, it's 3rd in the league in yardage and 1st in passing. It's the defense that needs work.

Horrible move by a disfunctional organization. Barker has done nothing for this team since bringing in Ray. His unpreparedness for the expansion draft and the ramifications to the talent pool and his team are why they aren't in the playoffs.

Millanovich is not a HC. He's still hanging his hat on a Grey Cup that he lucked into after a season only marginally better than this year and has done little since.

The Argos will miss the playoffs again next year and with a worse record than this season.

Unless the team fires him, Milanovich can stay or sit for year; not a great choice.

Uh, Marcus Brady is the OC. So either Milanovich turns over the keys to Brady or he fires Brady, which I can't seem him doing. Neither can I see him relinquishing control of the offense. He's a Trestman disciple and he wants to be hands-on. Hopefully he pays more attention to the running game next year, but really, the issue isn't coaching but personnel. Barker needs to get off his a$$ and bring in talent on the defensive side of the ball. Give Burke some horses to work with so the pressure isn't on Ray & co. every game. And hope that the injury bug doesn't strike again...

While I do think Milanovich is HC material, I do think the Argos will miss the playoffs for a few more seasons, RR is on the out and out IMHO and the organization, as we know, is in turmoil. Barker has to win games by doing stuff like convincing refs at the line of scrimmage the other team is offside. Desperation city when you don't have a very good team. Argos need to dump that guy if in fact they will have a team.

Pinball is the goo that binds the Argos and the sooner Pinball can be part of ownership, the better for the Argos, if this is possible. Braley and Barker are not what the Argo franchise needs right now. And soon they will need a stadium to play in to even exist.

Yes, let's dump everyone's pick for MOP. :lol: Take off the Tiger-Cat glasses, dude. :thup:


I think Earl was saying the Argos need to dump Barker, not Ray.

(And for the record, Ray is not everyone's pick for MOP.)

Yeah, Ray is the duh pick for MOP. I'm tried of seeing offense getting all the glory.

My pick this season is Odell Willis.

The same Odell that had done nothing in 3 years and was likely with his last team ? Willis is a product of the system, while Ray makes the system go. It isn't even close.

Why the disrespect toward Willis? He had a monster of a season. I don't think people appreciate what he did. Jones played him at a few different positions, and he excelled at each. And he didn't pout or complain. He did what he was told. And he took care of business.

I really don't get this.
The D has Defensive Player of the Year
The O does not...they have player of the year.

Change the damned name to Offensive Player of the year and be done with this

The Argos had a tough year

  • new assistants
  • losing all of their SBs for a period an other key injuries (too huge for any team)
  • all of the turmoil in front office
  • jumping practice facilities on a daily basis to start

He deserves another go for sure.

He doesn't deal with change well. First season it took him a full 15 games to get anything close to consistency out of his offence, second season they had a good year, but this season with new OC and Special Teams coach and a lot of new D personnel he never did get the D playing well. He was also unable to over the injuries on O in any way. It's obvious he rides the coat tails of his assisstants, likely due to micro management.

He is not a HC and the Argos will go nowhere with him at the helm.

A lot has changed in Toronto since Milanovich won the Grey Cup in his first year as head coach with the Argo's in 2012. The loss of many key coaches to other teams and key players, Ray and Owens the most notable still with the team but the uncertainty of the ownership I'm sure has been negative on the team this year and where they hold their next practice with no facility for much of the year.

The team must be out of Roger's Place by 2017, their are currently no options available to take the team (at least that we know of) and it's been a losing year again on the feild and at the box office with an average of 17,000 fans showing up.

Milanovich and the Argo's team need some positives to start happening soon and not this year by year plan crap but a vision that No one really has right now for where this team is in 5 an 10 years or more from now and starting with good, strong, local ownership and VISION!!!!!


Look, it's been a rough year for the Argos we have to agree on but RR can't do it all himself, the franchise is in turmoil and that is trickling on down and combined with the injuries they had, not good. If I was a CFL player, Toronto would definitely be that last place I'd want to play for.