Milanovich resigns from Argos

Apparently Scott Milanovich has resigned from the Argos.

So we are only 4 months from training camp and the Argos need to find a GM and a coach.

What a mess that franchise is!

Jumped before being pushed, reportedly taking an assistant QB position with the Jags.
Good riddance.

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We thought the Argos were a friggin mess, Jacksonville searched out Milanosh!ts a horrible qb and coach with zero evaluation skills. hahaha. Good on them. haha. It's gotta be who he knew and not what he knows.

Well Copeland better get his head out because this is a farce and joke of a scene in TO. First step is to cut Drew 'Pull Limp' Willy.

Oh and SCREW you Barker and Milo, your both SCUM.

I'd be calling Blake Nil at UBC, ASAP

Copeland is a complete failure in everything he has done with this team.
He should hand Pinball a blank cheque and tell him to put whatever amount he wants on it to fix this fustercluck of an Organization that Copeland has failed.
It is hard to believe that this team is actually now worse of than it was their last years in Skydump! :roll:

Aaand that's what you get for dithering until late January. Looks good on ya, Copeland, you ignorant hack. :lol:

Tried to the very end to score himself two years salary on the back of the team/fans. Good riddance !

Most Argo fans wanted them both gone and now are pissed at the President because they are gone LMAO !

Let's see who steps in. This is a very, very nice opportunity.

Good man Great coach would love to see him rebuild this team. However not so.

Looks like Lyin' Mila was playing both ends against the middle. He realized Copeland was a loose wire (an articulate loose wire, but a loose wire nonetheless).

'vich will prolly earn $250k as QB coach with a dog team - U.S. dollars plus less taxation means he comes out slightly ahead - I suspect Jacksonville housing a bit less invasive than Toronto.

Now the hard part - most CFL teams thought their coaching staffs were safe and secured. Now, not so much.

Cope (and Pinball if he's permitted) will need a new head coach - and probably at least 3 or 4 hires for a depleted coaching staff.

Vermin like Richie Hall, Maggot Kelly, Greg Marshall, Tim Burke, etc. are advised not to bother wasting paper, postage and/or computer bytes.

The first name that comes to mind is Paul LaPolice - the old Plopster. Solid offensive mind, head coaching experience (albeit in a nutbar Joe Mack environment).

After Plop - Corey 'Champ' Chamblin, the egotistical ex-Sask. guy who won a Grey Cup then drip-ditched the franchise. Still put Plop ahead of Champ.

I don't think Mopeland is stupid enough to hire Greg "Sgt. Slaughter" Marshall. Verboten.

Mike O'Shea? Just re-upped in Winnipeg. The Bombers would no doubt refuse permission.

Rotten Roddy Reinbold is NOT an option! One name remains - he was a defensive assistant in Montreal. I'd put him near the top of the list.

Other option is Mopeland going full steam ahead trying to snatch Old John Hufnagel out of Calgary - as GM & head coach for at least 1 season. Big coin, big responsibility. Wonder what Huffer would do if Mope makes a play on him? :cowboy:

Further to my last post - I did leave off one name!

A big whale if you will!

Marc Trestman - if he's exhausted his NFL opportunities (I think he'd only be offered a coordinator job, and probably with a Bottom 4 team if you will) then the GM/head coach combination might be appealing = particularly if a guarandamteed cheque for $600k a year for 3 years was attached to the offer.

Trestman jumps to the top of the list . . .

Copeland the TOOL should have axed both in Nov!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Milanovich = garbage human being. Waited until four days before the cut-off period for talking to other CFL teams' employees to jump ship to the NFL, just like his "mentor" Trestman. Orridge NEEDS to implement a window for coaches pursuing NFL opportunities -- until the end of the first week of January, period. Trestman left us so late in the hiring season that it ruined our hiring for 2013. We've never recovered.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Now with this clean slate, very late should have been months ago.
I say we bring in Tillman and Trestman to clean up this mess.

Copeland - the tool - shouldn't have given Barker or Milanovich extensions before the season.....but he did.
Then, he should have fired them both in November.
Since he waited until nearly February to make a move, he shouldn't have made any move at all this late in the game.

Gross incompetence.

Argos fans should not be blaming Scott for the off-season delay in jumping ship. Given the tumultuous season in Toronto coupled with poor fan support and the rather puzzling timing of the firing of Barker he was right to seek greener pastures elsewhere. Add in that the Jacksonville job probably only became available recently with the NFL regular season ending only a few weeks ago and it's understandable why he waited as long as he did. That particular job was not available back in late December.

Milo saw a chance to advance his career - albeit at a rather late date - with the added benefit of better pay and lower taxes. Oh, and he will be given the chance to work for an employer in a stable situation at least relative to the Argos. Good for him for grabbing this opportunity.

The Argos and the fans will miss both Jim and Scott more than they think with the plethora of Qbing and national talent they brought it. Things will get worse in Argosland before they get better in 2017. That my friends is...

The Last Word

Well he cannot be worse than what we had here in Jacksonville recently.

The coaching stuff here only opened up just recently but never understood why crap on someone for wanting to go other places?

But in the end if he is a garbage QB coach it won't matter its not like our QB could get worse than now Bortles was kinda thrown to the wolves with no real mentor to help out... just maybe Milanovich can add something.

You think Marc Trestman will work for anybody ?

Mila was probably waiting that his hiring was confirmed as the NFL reg season just ended a few weeks ago .

He knew the days were numbered and it is actually a compliment that he was hired quickly . Tom Clements has had similar posts for years and they cannot lure him north as he is paid highly and respected in the NFL .

I like Copeland his forte is not the football side but I have heard him speak and is good rep for the Argos and the CFL .

I will say this AGAIN be thankful the Argos were not that good last year because I don’t think you would have seen much difference in attendance . This is a blessing in disguise .

You have to get people to want to see football win or lose period . The best Argos attendance was when they were not very good or were attempting to reach the goal of a cup win .

A fifth team in the EAST is a priority for play off optics in the EAST . A game day traditional event experience needs to be nurtured ; then have a hard working team not necessarily dominant just hard working that is in every game and capable of winning against anyone . That’s should be the goal in todays CFL with a equal salary cap that is very achievable with a competent group of recruiters and game managers .

This is a league who had a their newest team in the Grey Cup final in two of the first three years of existence .

Winning sorry Winnipeg is not the hardest part it's getting people to unload their disposable cash on tickets and have sponsors support the league with ads , suites and promotions .

You have the richest owners in the league with one of the best venues . The winning will come just go to the games at a suitable day and time that is traditional for football and the winning will come whether you want it or not .

This is from a guy who watched a lot of worst situations in Ottawa . My Argo CFL brothers have nothing to complain about in 2017 . Getting new blood should excite you and know that things may actually turn around on the field (maybe) but at least you don't have the Firestones , Gliebermans or Chens in charge where all hope was gone but you still came to the games knowing what you were in for was a team not capable of bringing players in every year because the owners had no coin and no business owning a football team .