Milanovich resigns as Edmonton's head coach

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Football Team is now without a head coach.

Scott Milanovich has resigned to pursue NFL opportunities, the team announced on Monday.

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The CFL is a most exciting league. From day to day I peel through the website and you never know what's next. Guys died for Head Coaching jobs and Milanovich just throws one away. Wow!


I get it that coaches, like players want the greener (yet goldless) pastures with bigger salaries south of the 49th but come on, be a man of integrity, a man of your word. Totally agree with you Teseco!

I understand the disappointment of this news, but let's be real. Marinovich has repeatedly demonstrated his like of the CFL, enough to leave an NFL job. However, he has been without meaningful work for the better part of a year, has children and things like college tuition are always closer that you think. The harsh reality is that the NFL will surely play in 2021, but the CFL has the issue of $ from attendance that enables them to operate. Do you think the Edmonton team will pay for a second season of no activity?