Milanovich/Ray vs Cortez/Burris

When the Argos made a head coaching change during Grey Cup week, I was mad that the Cats didn't make the move to fire Bellefeuille earlier and had gotten Milanovich instead of the Argos.

When the Argos traded for Ray, I wondered why the Cats didn't trade for Ray. Reading about how Ray was almost a Cat the previous off season, got me even madder.

Cortez was hired in Jan 2012 to some fanfare. I thought then and now, that it was a good hire. The problem though was that it was a late hire and it was going to be tough to get good co ordinators.

Then in February we traded for Burris. I thought it was a good move as he was a huge upgrade over Glenn. The stats so far this year point to Burris as being better. I would have liked Ray better as he is a little bit younger than Burris and we could have had Ray here for 5 years where as we probably won't see Burris in our new stadium.

But back in February, I was still mad that if we would have acted sooner we could have had the Milanovich/Ray combo.

Ray is just behind Burris stats wise.

If the defense was the same I still think we would have had the same record but if Milanovich could have brought the DC from Calgary in, we could be 6-4.

So, who would you rather have for now and the future, Milanovich/Ray or Cortez/Burrs?

You should have put more options. I would have preferred Milanovich with Burris.

I think Burris is the better QB and when he's on his game is more thrilling to watch. Milanovich just came over from a team with a winning culture and worked with the greatest QB ever and has a good grasp on the current CFL game. He would instill these factors into the Ti-cats.

Now imagine what this team would be like if we had snagged Chris Jones also for the defensive coordinator job.

agreed, the options are too limited to start a debate or conversation

perhaps structure it as follows

Milanovich and Creehan vs Cortez and Jones
, or
Milanovich, Creehan and QB of your choice vs. Cortez, Jones and QB of choice

In my opinion, Burris is still the better pick of the QBS, and I am not sure the difference beteen Milanovich and Cortex is discernable yet, but the difference in defensive coordinators is as wide as it can be

I'd still rather have Ray, he's younger which means he's going to be here longer. In 2014, we are going to be looking for the next heir apparent as his replacement. I'd rather have 5 years to find his replacement.

If you go by the poll ill take Cortez & Burris but as you added in your post if you throw in the DC then its a different story. We are putting up points so thats not an issue people wouldn’t notice these small flaws with Burris if our defence could make a play every now and then.

I think if we hired Milanovich early, like what the Argos did, we could have gotten Jones in the deal with him.

Overall, I think MIlanovich is a better coach than Cortez.

Argos announced the signing at the Grey Cup and were working on the deal well before that. They were quick on the draw while Obie was asleep.

I mentioned this in a topic at the time, saying that when we missed out on Scott Milanovich we virtually
missed the boat. I took a lot of heat for this statement.

They should see if Joffery Reynolds is still available.
He has worked well with Burris before. :rockin:

The Argos wanted Ray because he's a good fit for Milanovich's passing offense. Short drop, quick decision, quick release ... the O-line doesn't have to hold their blocks as long and the quick release helps to nullify the pass rush . Ray's style can be very similar to Anthony Calvillo's in that respect.
Ray looks like he's starting to get comfortable with Milanovich's offense and get into a rhythm. Burris is still arguing with Cortez on the sidelines at times.
With a decent O-line and a good array of receivers, I'll take Milanovich and Ray.

We will never wi n a GC with Burris at the Helm. He is over the hill. At best he is inconsistant.
With a good offensive line burris will still be inconsistant.
Until people wake up and see that Burris is going to take you nowhere, this team will not improve.
the bad defence and bad O-line is just covering up the fact.
:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: