Milanovich pulls brain fart of the century!

From Drew Edwards' blog but written by Scott Radley:

The coach says the Cats have three guys in the booth watching this kind of stuff with one in charge. They saw the replay on TV and wanted to challenge it but Cortez's headset was tuned to the defensive feed - he can listen to either the offensive or defensive chatter - and somehow the word didn't get to him to throw the flag.

"I couldn't exactly say why that happened," Cortez says, calling it "one of those unfortunate things."

This raises at least a couple significant questions.

Since they were on defence, why wouldn't a spotter be able to reach him on the defensive channel? And even if there's a communications breakdown, shouldn't the head coach be able to be reached by someone who can relay that kind of information since they can all see the replay? As in, shouldn't all the spotters be yelling challenge, challenge, challenge into a microphone so no matter what he's listening to, he'll hear someone?

Frankly, this doesn't exactly inspire great confidence in the spotter system. Either technical or logistical.

Something broke down here. If Cortez wasn't fed the information he needed, you can't blame him for this snafu. But if that's the case someone upstairs needs to learn how to work the equipment before they're entrusted with this task again.

Take the points Waters has been pretty much automatic he did miss on from 50 but he has also made 2 from 50 this season so 42 yarder is an automatic.

But but but he was OC for Montreal, remember the guy that did not call the plays for Montreal, but was called OC as he watched Tressman call the plays

Also remember the receivers he had at his disposal in Montreal. I'll take Richardson and Green over Barnes and Chad the Fumbler any day...despite what some people might try to argue.

You can't run the Montreal scheme when you don't have the Montreal players.

Not so much the disparity in receiver talent as in O-line talent. Montreal and Toronto both have all-Canadian offensive lines (or Toronto had until recently), but only one of those teams has a GOOD all-Canadian offensive line. If you've got a pocket-passer who isn't that mobile, you absolutely need to give him good pass protection. Signing a bunch of rejects from other teams just to satisfy the ratio wasn't one of Barker's smarter moves.