Milanovich pulls brain fart of the century!

I am utterly shocked and in disbelief that Milanovich did what he did.

two mistakes in 1.

he gambles on 3rd down when he needs the field goal,

then he decides to throw the ball DEEP?!?! when he just needs a first down..

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

like what the hell? I never thought a Pro coach could pull off something so damn stupid!!

he proved me wrong.

If the pass was complete, you would hail him as a genius.

If they had gone for the field goal, Waters would have had to make a 42 yard field goal and then Toronto would have had to stop the Eskimos and then march down and score a touchdown against the best defence in the league. The game was lost long fefore that decision.

But the Argos did exactly that. They stopped the Eskimos and forced a two and out and then marched down the field. The game ended when on Edmonton's 20-yard line. Now, of course, the Eskimos were pretty much sitting back and allowing Toronto to throw on them because the game was over, but at least by kicking the field goal they would have given themselves a chance of coming back. By going for the TD, the game essentially ended when the ball hit the turf.

The joys of hindsight.

Very conservative play calling on that series im sure they would have called different plays if the argos have scored .

I don't see this as worse than the lack of decision by Hamilton to challenge the completed pass late in the 4th. Milanovich made a decision, didn't work out for him but he did make a decision, Cortez didn't even appear to realize there was a decision to be made.

If this weekend is a brain fart competition Cortez wins hands down.

UNBELIEVABLE. Roll the video back and forget about hindsight. With 1:30 left on the clock at the Esk's 35 the Argos needed 4 yards for a fresh set of downs. They were moving the ball very well. They had the offensive weapons to get 4 yards. I could live with the decision to go for it but why go deep? Get a first down, get in for the major and try an on-side kick or kick the ball deep and hope for a two and out. Or....kick the field goal and hope to pin the Esks on their 35. Either way there was plenty of time left on the clock to make it happen.

Personally, I thought play selection was a bonehead selection right after Ray released the ball.

Congrats to the Esks on the win. It was well deserved. Boyd looked like his old self and Joseph did not look like a soon to turn 39.

I think the deep ball was a third option and forget the run there is no way the Argos would have rushed for a first .

No need to try and run the ball. A screen pass, or any number of 5-10 yard passes would have done the trick and would have been far less risky.

If you want to call on a bone head play it was number 11 catching the ball next to the sideline then turning the play inside. You got to stop the clock man. The Argo's clock management was suspect in a number of ways.

He needed 10 points and his kicker is good from 52 yards out inside. So he went for the six while he still controlled the clock. I don't see the issue.

If it would have worked, he'd be called a genius instead.

That's just how it goes sometimes. He needed a TD at some point no matter what, and he went for it. Players didn't make the play.

A few years ago, the Als were driving on the Bombers, trailing with only a minute to go. On a third and 5, Trestman called a pass and Calvillo's read found Bratton on a go route for a 30-yard TD. It worked, so Trestman got credit. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Coaches can't win here. I see people ripping LaPo for being conservative, but some of the same people ripped him earlier in the season when he gambled on third and goal in the first game against Montreal.

And for the record. The brain fart of the century is still owned by the Roughriders for having too many men on the field costing them a Grey Cup. :wink:

the problem is that he has to get 10, so the safe and smart thing to do was get 3 and then kick it away and get the ball back.

this is a sign of an inxperienced head Coach who let his ego get in the way of common sense.

He also cut one of the best running backs in the league and got nothing in return !!! :thdn: Then Ray gets sacked several times last night :lol:

Can't argue with that. I was cheering for Montreal that year, and even I was pissed off. :lol:

Totally the WRONG call! I cursed. I wept. I scared the cats. My wife ran in wondering what was wrong!! Damn Argos!!!

I was surprized by the call by Milanovich. I say it sure made the Eskies happy, when the pass went incomplete.

But I think the bigger fart was the Hamilton non-challege "a few weeks ago in a game late in the 4th., Cortez didn't even appear to realize there was a decision to be made" quoted in a previous post.

Don't they have other people watching what is going on from different places in the stadium and advise the coach thru the head-set. They must have been all sound asleep.

So then I guess when Chamblin Punted on Saturday with 2 minutes left and down by 7, Hopeing the D could hold, for the first time since mid July, that would have to considered major diharea on his part.